This is Vodafone Salud and Vodafone Securitas Direct: 2 new services arrive


In addition to services such as Vodafone Secure Net that it already had available to its customers, the telecommunications operator has added two more options: Vodafone Health and Securitas Direct. In this way, it continues to expand the range of products that it currently has in its catalogue.

With the arrival of these new services, it continues to compete against the products of Orange Salud or Movistar Prosegur Alarmas, becoming another of the operators that is expanding its product catalogue, offering all kinds of services for its customers.

Vodafone Health rates

The operator adds a new health insurance and telemedicine service. And it is that, thanks to its agreement with Caser, Vodafone includes everything necessary in case we want to take out health insurance. These are the three health fees:

  • Vodafone Individual health: this first rate offers unlimited online consultations, as well as access to face-to-face consultations with specialists, diagnostic tests and treatments. Just like it includes emergencies 24 hours a day without paying too much. It also includes a service for oral health and check-ups can be done from the mobile with Selfie Health for 6.95 euros per month per person.

  • Vodafone Health for the whole family: this second option offers all of the above, although 3 to 5 policyholders are included in this rate. As an extra, it has a Telemedicine service for pets. It has a price of 17 euros per month (from 3 to 5 insured)

  • Vodafone Salud For much more: finally, we go with the most complete service, since it has full face-to-face and digital healthcare without co-payments. The tests, specialists and therapeutic treatments are included. In addition, it includes 24/7 hospitalization and emergencies, complete oral care and a children’s dental plan, and a check-up with Selfie Health. All for 49.90 euros per month per person.

Vodafone Health

The Securitas Direct service

In addition to Vodafone Health, from now on, the operator’s customers will have the option of protecting their homes with the help of the Securitas Direct service. To begin with, to hire this service you will have to request that an advisor contact us. But, before this, it is important to know all the conditions of this product:

  • Price: each month you will have to pay 55 euros.
  • Permanence of 2 years.
  • The installation of the Securitas Direct service for customers of the operator who have a mobile-only rate for less than 12 months is priced at 119.79 euros. However, for Vodafone customers with fiber and mobile it is free.

  • Lifetime warranty and technical service of the alarm devices is included. And it also comes with Guardian Verisure, to request help from the mobile: SOS button for emergencies and Accompaniment for risky journeys such as returning home alone.
  • It offers an improved Kit with Sentinel + Total Protection.
  • Devices included: control panel, four smart keys, video detector, opening detector, central unit, Sentinel anti-inhibition alarm and dissuasive signs.

  • The home alarm can be connected and disconnected from the mobile.

It must also be taken into account that the Securitas Direct and Vodafone alarms will notify the Police when necessary. So they can notify at any time of day and any day of the year without problems.

Securitas Direct Vodafone


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