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VIDEO: This is the new design of the BMW X7, new front!


new face

The BMW X7 receives a deep update in which we see many changes with the naked eye. Likewise, BMW presents new electrified engines for its flagship. And it is that those from Munich do not want to be left behind and given the level that exists in the segment, they hurry to the maximum to complete an SUV that offers the best technology on the market. With rivals of the stature of the Mercedes GLS and Audi Q7 to relax…

Made in the United States, the new BMW X7 will go on sale in the summer of 2022. One of the main novelties is its front end with a totally different aesthetic. We see in the upper part a new optical group that houses the position lights, the daytime running lights and the turn signals. In the lower part, this system houses the low beam and high beam lights with Matrix LED technology.

To add new features we stopped at the grille, which is backlit as part of an option that the BMW X6 presented. Although, it seems slightly smaller than in the previous version, an element that is combined with a totally new front bumper in which the lateral air intakes in vertical format stand out. Everything to strengthen its character and give the sensation of even more muscle.


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