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VIDEO: Unboxing of Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari 812 Competizione


VIDEO: Unboxing of Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari 812 Competizione

Youtube Carlos Sainz

Hallucinate: this is the 830 CV Ferrari with which Carlos Sainz will move from now on.

Carlos Sainz is as excited as any of us would be if he had just been delivered his very own road-going Ferrari. The man from Madrid, who faces his third year as a driver of the most successful Formula 1 team of all time in 2023, has just released his personalized Ferrari 812 Competizione… And he presents it to us on video!

Through his YouTube channel, Carlos Sainz has unboxed his new street car, a model that claims to be the first car he buys, with which he will replace the Volkswagen Golf his parents gave him as soon as it was taken out. of driving.

“Today is a special day, because I am going to become a Ferrari client…”, explains Carlos with a big smile on his face as soon as the video begins.



Carlos has had to wait since the end of 2021 to receive his 812 Competizione, a model of which only 999 units will be produced, and which has been fully customized by the pilot. Inside the most radical version of the 812 Superfast roars a 6.5-liter V12 engine that develops nothing more and nothing less than 830 HP of power.

“This is the most beautiful car I have ever seen. It is the car whose design has most attracted me and I have designed it in the Ferrari tailor made department, where I have put two or three very special details on it,” Carlos explains in the video .

Among these details is the presence of the number 55, with which the driver has raced since his debut in Formula 1, and also the words “Smooth Operator” that he used so much when he achieved great results at McLaren and that now appear on the heels. . The exterior finish, in matt grey, is the choice of the pilot, who wanted a dark colour.

After removing the canvas in the garage where he receives it, Sainz gets behind the wheel of the Ferrari for the first time and enjoys driving. “I don’t believe this is mine,” he says as he takes it home, completing his first kilometers behind the wheel, after the tuning in Fiorano by the technicians of the Italian brand, whose legend he will seek to expand this 2023 season himself. in F1.

The price of the 812 Competizione is 560,000 euros, but the value of the unit that appears in the video is undoubtedly higher, since it has been customized (there is only one like it in the world) and, furthermore, it belongs to a Formula driver one.


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