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We tested Elon Musk’s ‘revolutionary’ Tesla tunnel, which we see more shadows than lights


We tested Elon Musk’s ‘revolutionary’ Tesla tunnel, which we see more shadows than lights

And it won’t be for light in The Vegas Loop! (especially colours).

Many of America’s cities are not designed for the pedestrian. In them it is essential to move by car. One of the clearest cases is Las Vegas, where even on the most famous street, the Strip, the sidewalks end without warning and the traffic lights shine, not because of their lights, but because of their absence.

During our visit to CES (I leave you with 22 curious photos that show the most unknown, and sometimes disappointing, side of this fair) we were able to see first-hand the absence of alternative transportation such as bicycles or skates. In addition, the small number of buses, together with their high price (5 dollars), and the monorail, which only runs through a few hotels and connects them with the congress palace, do not help mobility. And it is that in the ‘City of Sin’, what dominates is the traffic of automobiles.

To remedy this problem, Elon Musk, through his company Boring Company, devised The Vegas Loop, a series of underground tunnels that connect various parts of the city. For now there are only 2.5 kilometers, but it is expected that the figure will reach 60 so that there is direct transport to places as important as the airport. This project has cost Musk about 47 million dollars. During CES days, transportation is free, but the price per day is $4.5.

LVCC Loop The Vegas Loop Elon Musk

We have been able to prove it, and the truth is that we see more shadows than lights. And it will be for lights! Because from the moment you go down the escalator and enter The Vegas Loop station, the stars are the RGB LEDs that illuminate both the lobby and the tunnels, making it look like you’re in a nightclub. Also, of course, the Tesla Model Y and Model X that ‘carry’ passengers.

For someone who hasn’t ridden in a Tesla it must be an interesting experience, but for a motoring journalist like me, who has tried all of Elon Musk’s cars…

Depending on where you’re going, a series of men and women in yellow vests locate you to wait for the next vehicle. Vehicle, which by the way, is ‘piloted’ by a driver. I remember that when his creator presented the prototype of these tunnels in Los Angeles, he said that only electric and autonomous cars would circulate through them. Well, at least it creates more jobs.

Also that in the LVCC Loop they could travel at about 240 km/h… but due to the narrowness of the tunnels and the turns they make, at least in this section that we were able to travel, I see it as complicated. What’s more, we don’t go over 19 mph, 30 km/h.

LVCC Loop The Vegas Loop Elon Musk

For this reason and because we had to wait to be picked up for about three minutes – plus the other travel time, so it can take about six minutes less than if you did it on foot – I see the installation of a train as more appropriate: it would also work with electricity , it could be autonomous and would transport a greater number of passengers at the same time -in Tesla, removing the driver’s seat, there is only room for four people-.


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