What are the best most useful keyboard shortcuts to use in Excel?

What are the best most useful keyboard shortcuts to use in Excel?

A spreadsheet is a computer tool with which you can make numerical data to be represented in tables to make calculations at the level of finance, business or accounting. With spreadsheets you can present your information related to finances in an orderly manner, and you can also track them.

With the rapid growth of technology and the use of software companies for their administrative control, it is normal that these spreadsheets do not exist physically but digitally.

Among these computer programs made for this purpose and well known worldwide is Microsoft Excel, available even for mobile phones. If you want to have it on your device, we can accompany you to download and install Microsoft Office free in Spanish for Android

What is Excel?

Excel is a program created by Microsoft Corporation. In the year 1982 this company had created the program with the name of Multiplan and by the year 1985 this Excel program was released in its first version.

excel screen with selection in the first cells

This version was made for Macintosh computers but in a short time they introduced Microsoft Excel 2.0 for Windows. This program is not only for people who handle finances or accounting, because anyone regardless of their profession, just like you, can use this program.

Excel allows you as a user to customize your spreadsheets by entering your own functions so that they can perform multiple tasks, according to your needs or what the company where you work needs.

You can also work with arithmetic and mathematical calculations, perform different complex or statistical functions, graphs and different tables, just as you can make a graph in Excel taking data from several sheets

On its screen you can see that it is made up of rows and columns; each one of them has what we call cells, the letters represent the columns and the numbers the rows.

In Excel you can divide a number of numbers on a sheet or combine several cells for the purpose of obtaining a final result. You can also perform arithmetic calculations using addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication

and division (/).

But it is also possible to select a range of cells in Excel with keyboard shortcuts so you can perform various functions or shortcuts to get your work done faster and more efficiently.

What are the best most useful keyboard shortcuts to use in Excel?

In Excel you can use numerous shortcuts to carry out your operations and your work in a more agile way. One of these operations is the function one, which is used from the F1 to F12 keys; The F1 To help you in Excel; F2 Activate a cell.

F3 Paste name;  F4 The last function you did can be repeated;  F5 Go to, F6 In a book where there are divisions, it shows you its panels;  F7 Check spelling;  F8 You can enlarge selection;  F9 If you have your books open you can solve the formulas;  F10 Menu bar;  F11 Graph sheet with cells;  F12 Save As.

excel logo with excel wallpaper and cells

With the one-key keyboards it becomes easier for you to carry out the operations, these are: Action keys ‘UPPAGE’, you can move the screen under the page; ‘REPÁG’, Up inside the sheet; ‘ALT’, Menu bar; ‘ENTER’, enter one and choose the lower one; ‘ESC’, dialogs and cells cancel them.

In ‘SPACE’, you can enable/disable check box in dialog; ‘END’, The ‘end mode’ you disable; ‘HOME’, you move to the beginning of the queue; ‘BACKSPACE’ deletes the contents of your cell, as does the ‘DELETE’ key.

The ‘TAB’ key, one-key input. The shortcuts to issue action: ‘CONTROL+ A’, open; ‘CONTROL + B’ Find; ‘CONTROL + C’, copy the information of the cells; ‘CONTROL + D’, you can copy the formula on the right side where you selected; ‘CONTROL + E’, you choose all the cells.

Also using the Shift and capital keys in conjunction with the action or function keys you can insert sheets in Excel or other functions: ‘SHIFT + F3’ Insert function; ‘SHIFT + F9’ calculation of the formulas in your sheet; ‘SHIFT + F1’ enters a new sheet.

‘ALT + F1’, create a graph with the current data; ‘ALT + F4’, close Excel; ‘CONTROL + F4’, close book; ‘CONTROL + F5’, Restore book size; ‘CONTROL + F6’, go to the next book; ‘CONTROL + SHIFT + U’ expand formula bar.


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