Which graphics card is better AMD Radeon or NVIDIA?


For many people, being in lockdown during the time of the pandemic meant that they had to change their ways of entertaining themselves. Many people started a proposal with video games, such as Kun Agüero. This is very important, because the video game company has grown a lot. This has changed the market a lot.

Thanks to this, today more than ever there are video games with a large audience, and thus companies have known where to get new revenue and customers. One sector that has benefited from this is the PC sector.

Features of AMD Radeon graphics cards

AMD is an American company, whose name is the acronym for Advanced Micro Devices, because as we all know, processors are devices which, despite being everything that processes the computation in the computer, are quite small in size.

This company is dedicated more than anything to the realization of Video cards and CPU’s. Its only other rival in the market is Intel, only in the aspect of processors, of course. Since they both produce the same type of technology, it is important that you know the differences between Intel and AMD.

In addition to this, they also create graphics cards. However, these do not have the same success in the market as NVIDIA. This is because AMD cards are not as specialized, however they are offered at a much more affordable price.

Among the most general characteristics of this range of graphics cards we have:

  • HD3D, which displays video games in stereoscopic 3D.
  • A management of up to six high-definition screens
  • They contain a function of great compatibility with VR headsets (virtual reality) improving the gaming experience.
  • They synchronize their speed with the update of the monitor in question to avoid image tears.
  • They greatly increase the resolution of games with low graphics for better precision and detail.

tower pc for gamer

On top of this, AMD cards give buyers more room to tweak, so they can get a much more powerful card than NVIDIA for a fraction of the price, all thanks to overclocking technology.

If you want a graphics card that performs great, even though it costs very little money, we suggest you go for AMD. If you have a lot of money and premium performance, we recommend looking at an NVIDIA.

NVIDIA graphics card features

NVIDIA graphics cards have always been allies of gamers. In fact, this brand always specializes and carries out branding and sales marketing around the gamer public. This is because NVIDIA cards offer quality that no other competitor can match. With their specialized cards, they have taken over both the cryptocurrency and mining market as well as the Gamer market.

These characteristics have made these cards always super powerful, as their developers spare no expense when it comes to adding power and stability to their products, as this company’s cards excel in their graphical demonstrations, as well as showing very good results. in Benchmark type tests for Hardware products.

If you want to change your graphics card for one of the Nvidia brand, we recommend that you look for the GTX 1080, 1070 and 1060, these offer the best quality / price ratio of this brand. However, if you have more money and want to have a beast of power and stability, we recommend that you invest your money in a GTX 2080, which is one of the most powerful on the market. If you already bought your graphics card, you can swap the old video card for a new one on your PC.

Comparison between AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards

Regarding the current competition of graphics cards from these two companies, we must highlight the comparisons. It is essential that if we are between both brands, we make a comparison list that indicates the best quality-performance ratio, and thus know which brand is as accessible as recommended.

differences in price

AMD is known for its affordability, while NVIDIA is known for its performance closely related to its high costs. However, there are good quality cards of this brand that have considerable prices.

This last year, NVIDIA announced that it would begin to lower costs and we can find graphics cards capable of competing with the good value for money that AMD maintains.

best nvidia graphics card

AMD vs. NVIDIA performance and features

Between NVIDIA and AMD cards when it comes to performance, NVIDIA cards are superior by several models. The most powerful card of the AMD brand is the Radeon VII, which is several levels below the efficiency of NVIDIA and cards that are between the equivalence of Radeon VII and GTX 1650.

On the other hand, in terms of functions, both brands are certainly equal; However, while NVIDIA has currently taken a more global approach that allows users to use its product in multiple areas, AMD has decided to focus on video games and the gaming industry.

AMD vs. NVIDIA – Software and Hardware

From NVIDIA we have the GeForce Experience software that covers an extensive catalog of games in which you can take screenshots and videos from its own interface; driver updates; game optimization and live streaming capability. In terms of hardware, both teams are equal.

Meanwhile, AMD Radeon Software’s main feature is virtual reality that can be transmitted from the mobile or headphones, in addition to other functions that NVIDIA also has. However, unlike GeForce, it needs extensions to run some features that it already has built in.

Equivalences between AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards

As we already know, AMD and NVIDIA cards maintain an important range of similarity because they are official competitors in the market, so, consequently, they share equivalences between one brand and the other.

We will take into account the most requested cards currently between the RX Radeon range from AMD and GeForce from NVIDIA:

  • RX 560 – GTX 960
  • RX 570 – GTX 970
  • RX 580 – GTX 980
  • RX 590 – GTX 1060 and/or GTX 1070.

Although the RX 590 model was created to compete in equivalence with NVIDIA’s GTX 10x range, AMD added a new series of cards called Radeon Vega to the market, which are direct competitors of the GTX 10x range. In its official equivalence we have:

  • RX Vega 56 – GTX 1070
  • RX Vega 64 – GTX 1080

Also, as a plus, we have a card recently launched by AMD, designed to match the level and performance of current NVIDIA RTX; It is called Radeon VII and its direct equivalence is the RTX 2080.

nvidia brand graphics card

What parts make up the PC market?

This is made up of all the companies that are dedicated to making supplies for people who are Gamers. An example of these parties is the processor sector. This seeks to make the fastest computational processing unit there is.

The company that leads this market is Intel, even so, there is also the presence of Snapdragon, for mobile devices, and AMD, which is also working on the development of fast CPUs.

However, there is a part of this market that is extremely expensive, since it generates income not only from the point of view of gamers, but it is also used to a great extent by the Cryptocurrency market.

These companies are dedicated to making only graphics cards, GPUs or graphic processing units. These parts are of great importance for the video game industry, since everyone wants to play games with the best possible graphic definition.

This part of the market is divided by two companies that have monopolized the entire sector, which are NVIDIA and AMD. If you don’t know if you have a graphics card from these companies, you can look at it on your PC to find out what graphics card you have.


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