Why does the voice mail or answering machine go directly when they call me? How to remove voicemail


Using cell phones correctly is one of the most important things that human beings can do, this is of the utmost importance since we are a strictly communicative species, which is always in contact with its counterparts. This was achieved because humans have had a technological improvement in recent years that has never been seen before.

It is important that we stay united and connected because it is the most technological time in human history. Our ancestors only dreamed of performing the tasks that electronic devices facilitate today.

In fact, we live in a society which depends on these, and eliminating one or several would bring catastrophic results. This is because almost all of our tasks have been automated thanks to the implementation of technology.

Among the gadgets we create to meet our technological needs are cell phones. These ingenious devices allow people to be in immediate communication with the outside world, and are one of the most widely used methods of communication worldwide. This is evident in some things like the news, social networks, messaging applications, etc. In addition to cell phones, there are Smartphones.

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What is the difference between a smartphone and a cell phone?

A cell phone is defined as a technological terminal, which is specialized for receiving and sending both calls and messages according to the requirements of the user who owns the device. However, these have several functions that are very limited. Despite this, humans began to create better and faster cell phones.

All this would bear fruit because in 2015 there were already several cell phones which were highly advanced, and whose operating system left them in the Smartphone rating, which ended around 2009, when the first Android phones came out.

These phones have highly advanced computing and graphics processors, leaving their predecessors far behind in terms of capabilities. All Smartphones have a touch screen, plus they also have the ability to take photos and more.

How do Smartphones and Cell Phones make calls?

This is the most important part of the cell phone premise. To be able to make calls, there are a type of specialized companies. In Spain, there is Telefónica. These companies specialize in distributing equipment that allows telephones to intercom.

This communication is achieved through the placement of giant antennas. These antennas are capable of covering entire cities with their signal, and this is received and adapted by cell phones through a chip called a SIM card. These cards serve as capacitors to facilitate the connection between your phone and the carrier’s tower. Sometimes, if you stop using them for a long time, they deactivate. That is why it is important that you learn how to reactivate a deactivated SIM.

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Why does the voicemail or answering machine go directly when they call me?

This is a very common problem, and usually happens due to connection problems that the sim has, to the fact that several people are calling you at the same time, and even a bad position in a SIM card that is probably stuck, as this can be the reason for your problems. It is important that you know that your SIM saves contacts, and that you can learn how to recover contacts from a damaged phone with your SIM card.

The SIM is assigned a phone number, which makes phones have a way by which they are identified among all other devices. This same number is the one that people must write on their phones to call you.

If when they call you the voice mail goes directly, it may be caused by a faulty SIM, it may also be that the operator is very busy, it may be that several people are trying to call you at the same time, or it may be that your line is cut by lack of payments.

If your SIM doesn’t work and you don’t have a number, you can learn how to use a virtual SIM. If you want to delete your message box system, you must call 1004, if you are a Telefónica or Movistar customer. If you have an iOS device, you can do this by calling 22570.


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