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Why you should think twice before buying a gasoline car in 2023


Why you should think twice before buying a gasoline car in 2023

You have to weigh some aspects.

We will all agree that, with few exceptions (your own garage, more than one car in the home, etc.), it is still early to switch to electric cars. However, opting for a thermal one exclusively may not be the best decision today either. We tell you why you should think twice before buying a gasoline car in 2023.

Although, in reality, there are three main reasons why you should weigh your acquisition calmly before taking the plunge.

The price of gasoline is skyrocketing

In the short time that we have been this year, there have already been certain protagonists in the world, both in general, and in the automotive sector specifically. And in the latter, one of the main ones has been the fact that state aid for the purchase of fuel has disappeared.

The 20 cents discount has disappeared (although some gasoline maintain them for members, people who use their cards, etc.), which meant an increase in the price of gasoline and diesel, but the thing does not stop there and it is that, without taking into account this set, the rates of both have been constantly rising for several weeks and it does not seem that things are going to change.

According to diesel or gasoline, today, January 25, 2023, the average price of 95 gasoline is €1,668/l and diesel is €1,710/l. If we look at the cost that it had on January 1, they were respectively at 1,604 and 1,677, respectively.

The trend is upward and everything indicates that it will continue like this and will even get worse, because the European Union has announced a new sanction on Russian refined products.

Given this scenario, it is more than clear that the cost of using a gasoline car will only increase in the coming months, without knowing when the situation will take a breather.

Cars are getting more expensive

And it doesn’t matter if we talk about new cars or second-hand cars. The former have raised their prices significantly during 2022, specifically 10.4% according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) on inflation. In addition, the waiting lists are still long and you have to wait weeks or months for the ordered car to arrive.

But the worst thing is that the situation in the used market is even less rosy. During the past year the average price of a used car stood at 17,990 euros, 2,000 more than the average for 2021, which implies an increase of 20.2%.

Young cars are the ones that have become more expensive in gross, but in percentage terms it is the old ones that have increased their price the most, making the “cheapest” cars less so.

Thus, resorting to old cars to get an affordable model is not something that is already so cheap, in addition to going for gasoline (or diesel) cars of a certain age from 2023 is an even worse idea… due to the arrival of Low Emission Zones.

You have to take into account the new ZBE

At least on paper, ZBE will be implemented this year in 149 municipalities, although in practice most are not yet active.

This implies movement restrictions for the most polluting cars, among which are those with gasoline. Logically, the most modern ones, with their C label, can still roam freely, but those without a label (gasoline from before 2001) are beginning to be a bad purchase option and those with a B label (2001 to 2006) will soon be in the trigger.

Given this situation, it is difficult not to recommend the purchase of a vehicle that has some type of electrification, however minimal, to enjoy the DGT ECO label at least and avoid problems in the medium term.


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