With these bargains you can domotize your house for little money


If you want to make your home smart, you can take advantage of some of these great Black Friday deals on home automation devices. With these devices you will be able to automate certain tasks, take advantage of the available resources and also save on the electricity bill. They are very useful in a home and you will always have a wide range of options, such as sensors, Wi-Fi bulbs or smart doorbells.

smart bulbs

One smart bulb that you can find on sale is this Philips Hue. It is warm and cold light and is compatible with Alexa and Google Home. This means that you can control it remotely without problems and thus be able to program the power on or off, as well as use voice commands. It is an interesting option if you are looking to get started in home automation and acquire cheap and simple devices to make your home smarter.

As a different option you have this pack of three smart bulbs with white and colored light. They are also compatible with Alexa and Google Home. They have millions of shades of colors and you will be able to control them by voice. You can easily create different environments in your home with these bulbs.

Another different alternative is this pack of four Philips Hue smart bulbs. They are compatible with Alexa and Google Home, have white and colored light. They also have a dimmable function. You will be able to manage them remotely or by voice. A good option if you are looking to change several light bulbs in your home.

smart sensors

One of the smart sensors that you can buy to increase the security in your home is a carbon monoxide detector. This Netatmo model has a 10-year battery life, 85 dB alarm and also sends alerts directly to the mobile. It is able to control in real time the rate of carbon monoxide emitted by combustion devices, such as a boiler.

You can also purchase this smart smoke detector on sale for Black Friday. This Netatmo NSA-EC has a long-lasting battery of up to 10 years, automatic test and does not need a home automation control unit to work. A good option to increase the security of your home.

Something that cannot be missing in a smart home is having a thermostat with Wi-Fi. This is very useful in order to control the temperature of the home at all times, but also to save energy. In this way you will always have the right temperature and you will be able to control it remotely and through your voice. It is highly compatible with most gas, electric or fuel boilers, so it can be very useful in your case if you have a boiler at home.

This device has a motion sensor. This is a Ring Video Doorbell Wired smart doorbell. It has a 1080p camera and two-way audio. You can receive notifications directly on your mobile, so you will be able to know at all times if someone has gone to your house and has called, even if you are not present. It also has night vision and multiple functions.

surveillance cameras

You can also have surveillance cameras to increase the security of your home. An example is this EZVIZ CTQ3N model, capable of recording in 1080p and having night vision. It also has intelligent motion detection and is IP67 certified, so you can place it outdoors. It is compatible with Alexa.

If you are looking for an indoor camera, specially designed to monitor babies, an option on sale for Black Friday is this EZVIZ BC2 model. It has a battery of up to 50 days, has two-way audio, movement detection and is easily configured. It is also compatible with Alexa.

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