You can now have ChatGPT on your WhatsApp and talk to him like a friend


You already know that the instant messaging applications that we can install and use right now are increasingly functional and powerful. Here we can highlight some proposals that we find in most devices, such as what happens with WhatsApp or Telegram.

If we focus on this last messaging proposal that we are talking about, surely many of you have at some point made use of one of its multiple bots. This is somewhat less common in the other proposal, WhatsApp, but now we are going to talk about an interesting platform that you can integrate with it to chat thanks to its AI. And it is that in recent times we have found a multitude of services and platforms based on artificial intelligence to maintain all kinds of conversations or make inquiries.

I’m sure that over the last few months many of you have heard of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence that even intends to compete with Google. These are platforms that allow us to have conversations and ask questions from which we will receive correct answers, almost as if we were talking to another person. We tell you all this because it seems that all this is also reaching these messaging applications that we mentioned.

To give you an idea of ​​what we are telling you about, we are going to present God in a Box, an implementation of ChatGPT 3.5 that we can use directly in the aforementioned and popular WhatsApp. This will allow us to hold conversations and interact with this platform from the messaging application as if it were another contact. As with the ChatGPT that has been talked about so much lately, this addition understands the language with which we communicate, all with the aim of having a human-like conversation.

Conversations with AI today come to WhatsApp

This was originally an add-on that was only released to some people, so an invite would be required. However, recently it has been opened to everyone, albeit with certain restrictions. This means that we can now use up to 10 messages per month for free. In the event that we try the artificial intelligence platform and we like it, we can use it unlimitedly by paying from six dollars a month.

god in a box

To use this intelligent conversation system, the first thing we do is access your official website. From there we can sign up for the service through our mobile number or with the Google account that we normally use. It is also worth knowing that another of the built-in limitations is that we can only send a message every 10 seconds. In turn, they have limited the length of messages to 256 characters.

This is something that is carried out, as its top managers inform us, to prevent abuse and blocking of the platform. Another aspect that we must take into account is that, after 10 minutes of inactivity, without us talking to the AI ​​platform, the conversation until then restarts completely. Likewise, its creators make it clear to us that conversations are not stored on their servers, but interactions with ChatGPT are used to improve its operation in the future.


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