Apple Podcasts Subscriptions: Here’s how to subscribe to shows and channels


Apple Podcasts Subscriptions: Here’s how to subscribe to shows and channels

With subscriptions in the Podcasts app, you no longer hear commercials and get access to special episodes. Read here how to subscribe to a show or channel.

In Apple’s Podcasts app, you can subscribe to a show for a fee. This allows you to listen to all episodes for a fixed monthly amount, so you can financially support your favorite podcast makers. We discuss how podcast subscriptions work.

Why paid subscriptions in Podcasts?

Previously, all shows in the podcast app were free to listen to. That is no longer the case, but you can still listen to free podcasts in the Apple Podcasts app. In addition, there are extras that you have to pay for. Most podcasts can still be listened to for free.

You can easily check whether the extras of a show cost money and then become a subscriber. Most podcast makers choose to let you listen for free for a week or month first. You can also choose to subscribe to a channel consisting of multiple paid shows. You will then no longer receive advertisements or you will receive extra episodes.

Good to know: the paid features only apply to Apple’s Podcasts app. If you use another podcast app, you won’t have access to the additional services.

Shows or channels that you can become a subscriber to can be recognized by the Try or Subscribe buttons, while non-paid shows let you listen immediately via the Latest Episode button. You always see the monthly price stated with the subscription. Prices vary between €0.99 to €4.99 per month.

Here’s how to subscribe to shows and channels in Apple Podcasts

As mentioned, not all podcasts cost money. If you come across one, here’s how to subscribe to it:

  1. Choose a show or channel that you can follow for a monthly fee.
  2. Tap the Try It or Subscribe button at the top of the page.
  3. If asked, indicate whether you want a monthly or annual subscription.
  4. Confirm your purchase.
  5. The bar at the top of the show or channel page will now change to Subscriber Edition.
Subscribe to paid podcasts at Apple Podcasts
Subscribe to paid podcasts at Apple Podcasts

You can decide how you pay for your subscriptions: via your credit card, Apple credit or another payment method. Channels you pay for appear on the Home tab under the My Channels heading. Do you want to end your paid membership? Read below how exactly to do that.

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