Are you going on a trip? This is what you have to do on Netflix to watch it away from home


With the end of shared Netflix accounts, he took the first step in an industry where, sooner or later, everyone will end up doing the same. Netflix was also the first platform of its kind to offer a plan with ads, a plan that has also been followed by HBO (now MAX), Disney+ and, according to the latest rumors, Amazon will also do so with Prime Video. The fact that we cannot share accounts with other users does not mean that we can only access the platform from home.

When the holidays arrive, there are many users who want to go out for a few days to rest from the daily monotony. If we continue to trust Netflix as a platform to access a large number of series and movies, despite the end of shared accounts, we will be able to continue accessing this platform wherever we plan to travel, although there are a series of limitations. Netflix’s conditions for accessing the platform from outside our home also apply if we have a second residence.

Netflix restrictions when traveling

Spain is one of the few countries where all workers can enjoy 30 days of vacation per year worked, the same as in France. In Germany, for example, it is 24 days while, in the United States, it varies between 10 and 20 days depending on the state. The conditions that Netflix applies to all its customers are the same, without making distinctions by country.

Taking into account that the maximum duration of the holidays can be 30 days, Netflix allows us to access the catalog available on the platform without problems for 30 days. After that time, if we want to continue accessing, the device we have used will have to connect to the platform from the IP we usually use, that is, from our home. In this way, Netflix makes sure that we are not sharing the account with other people.


Another aspect that we must take into account is that, if we travel abroad, we will only be able to access the catalog available there. With the rise of streaming video platforms, the licenses that Netflix had bought to broadcast non-proprietary content have mostly expired, so, initially, we shouldn’t have any problem accessing the same content from any country. . If we travel through Europe, we will have access to the same catalog available in Spain, but not if we travel to other continents.

In the event that we travel with minors who have their own users within Netflix with parental control, we must take into account that this control adapts to the one established in the country, so if our children are between 16 and 18 years, it is possible that they can access content that is not available in Spain or vice versa, that they cannot access.

Netflix affirms that it is possible that the content that we download before going abroad is not available in the destination country. In the conditions of service it does not state that it will not be available, but rather that it is likely to stop being available. If we travel through Europe we should not have any problem. If we want to prevent the content from being unavailable, before accessing Netflix, we should disable the data connection and Wi-Fi connectivity to prevent the application from detecting that we are outside our habitual residence and can restrict access to the content.

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