Believe it or not, it’s been 30 years since this gem of cinema was released


Time flies. There is a film that has marked generations, that continues to be seen as much as at the time of its release and that, furthermore, continues to be as spectacular as when it was in theaters. And, although when you see it it may not seem like it, 30 years have passed since its premiere. Today we pay tribute to one of the greatest jewels of cinema.

On June 9, 1993, Jurassic Park was released in the United States, one of the most important films in Steven Spielberg’s career and, in general, one of the most spectacular films of all time. With the means of the time, a production was achieved that, without having to undergo any type of retouching, still looks as impressive as it did at the time. The years do not pass for the most famous dinosaurs in the cinema.

The first time we saw a dinosaur

Good ‘ol times. For many of us it was the first time we saw a dinosaur with that level of realism. In the late 80s we cried and cried like children, never better said, with the animated movie In Search of the Enchanted Valley, but Jurassic Park was a real encounter. One of those encounters that, for children aged 10-12, could cause real nightmares. The impact on the minds of the young people of the time was tremendous and the memory of the tape was automatically burned.

The pursuit of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the moment in which the characters are hiding in the cars while trying to hunt them down, the shaking glass of water or the feeding system of the dinosaur. We must also add other epic moments of the tape, because the Velociraptors generated even more fear than the Rex. After all, they were moving at top speed. And I don’t blush when I say that the dilophosaurus with the poison shot was something that also terrified me at the time. But they are those kinds of fears that are enjoyed and that, for a child raised with his mother watching A Nightmare on Elm Street, did not end up being too traumatized.

A film with a great shock wave

The popularity that Jurassic Park generated was enormous and had an impact in all kinds of markets, becoming a crucial element of pop culture at the time. It had previously been a successful book, but its great injection of fame came when the movie was shown in theaters. It was not surprising in view of its perfect special effects, the great cast and the work that everyone involved did, as well as the fantastic direction of a Spielberg who was in his sauce.

The success of the film covered it all. The toys were best sellers, because the children, even though the movie scared them, wanted to hold the dinosaurs in their hands. Video games came to 16-bit platforms to be a hit, while even McDonald’s had its own collection of products accompanying the premiere. Then come the comics, board games, the sequels, the series, the modern movies that have ended up connecting with the originals and, in general, a large group of products aimed at dinosaur enthusiasts.

Of course, no matter how many sequels there were, none would surpass the original. It must be said that, although Jurassic Park was released on June 9 in the United States, it did not end up arriving in Spain until September 30 of that same year, 1993. The arrival of the film was received as what it represented: a premiere aimed at change everything. The Gran Vía in Madrid was decked out with a large canvas that tried to make the guests at the premiere feel that they were in the authentic world of dinosaurs in the film. This occurred in the now-defunct Cine Avenida in the capital, where it is said that there was a great deal of applause at the end of it. Once the public also saw it, Jurassic Park became the topic of conversation in schools and offices. And the little ones began to put dinosaurs on Santa’s list for the Christmas campaign.

Today Jurassic Park is a movie that can be enjoyed just like the first day because it has aged perfectly, without suffering any problems or showing an obsolete aspect. If you want to watch it again or even if you have never watched it, you should know that you can access it on Netflix. It’s never too late for a helping of dinosaurs!

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