DLL Files: What They Are and How to Open Them on Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS


If you are a user of the Windows operating system, it is likely that when executing certain programs and files you have been asked to register a DLL extension file. In the following information we will explain what a DLL file is, what it is for and how you can easily open it from your computer by following certain steps.

What is a DLL file?

DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library, and this consists of a file that contains a collection of various elements, which run other applications. It is a normal Windows system programming file, which works as an additional library for other applications, when they need to run on the system.

This file is handy as an application using other software, since it is not linked directly with Windows as an initial file part of the system. What makes DLL to be a preventative file, sometimes it might give the DLL file not found error and requires to be fixed.

What is a DLL file for?

Although you will not find this program in a visible way until some program or application requests it, we will explain how it works silently in the system.

  • The DLL file is used so that other programs can simultaneously perform their function efficiently, for example, graphics, audio, and so on.
  • It itself creates a link between the application and the system, the file appears with a (.dll) ending so you can recognize a DLL file.
  • It is important to note that these files are not executable, so they appear in the form of codes, which must be opened as a location on the system.

dll file description windows

  • Unnecessary resources are not duplicated, but it performs its function with different programs, lightening the space on the system.
  • Sometimes the DLL file fails to open, and it generates some error that you need to fix in order to use the application or programs you want to run.

How to open .DLL files online

We must mention that these processes are not necessary or are not common in the general public, but this does not imply that it is not possible, although in most cases internal procedures of the operating system and its built-in tools are used.

A quick way to open or decompile these files is by using Aseembly Explorer or the web decompilers available for such purposes like DotPeek. Which give feasibility to open the .DLL files. Another interesting prelude could be Fileworld, which offers a specific accompaniment and guide for each categorization that you want to open in case the opening of the .DLL file is not completed using the web decompiler.

How can I run .DLL files on Windows

We must take into account that, in general, the use of this file is not usual, since the design of its programming is automatic. But in case an application requires it, and you have to open a DLL file, you have to follow the next steps.

  • Go to System Notepad, locate it in the Windows window, click on Windows Accessories and the Notepad option will appear. Another way to access and that is the easiest, is by placing Notepad in the search engine and keeping the window open.
  • Then, it goes to the file in question, right-clicks it and clicks Open with and selects the already installed program.
  • Go to Notepad, click OK, here you will only see letters and numbers that you probably don’t understand, unless you are a programmer.

It is important that you know what type of DLL file you are trying to open, some are Shared, DLL hell, Protected, private or unique.
open dll file

Run.dll with CMD

The first thing will be to go to the home space. There we are going to look for ‘CMD’, followed by it we are going to open the file. Being already open, we proceed to execute a command using the format: ‘RUNDLL.EXE , ‘.

Only the user’s own edition is merited who appends the corresponding data within the pre-configuration of the command line, that is, the format previously exposed.

Where dllname corresponds to the name of the file. For its part, the space of the access point is assigned to the location in question of the file. On the other hand, the argument space is intended for the appending of the argumentation due to the execution of the file.

Steps to open .dll with Visual Studio? – Program for Windows

In the first instance we refer to the Assembly Explorer, where we are going to load the file. By right clicking we will proceed with the export.

Once the export options load, we are going to choose Visual Studio. At this point you can make a personal edition of the Internet user.

What DLL file editor can I use to run them?

For such purposes we can resort to spaces such as ‘dll.files.com’, which has a great interface stability, which also enjoys great prestige. On the other hand, ‘DLL editorfreeware’ is often used to edit and execute files of this nature. Another medium available is the in-demand ‘Resource Hacker’.

Ways to install DLL files on my computer

On the web we will find several possibilities for installing DLL files on the computer, but we must try to use the most reliable aspects. For this reason we must go to websites specialized in downloading, installation and information.

For such purposes, preludes such as Wiki DLL are used, another of the great favorites for safe DLL file searches is dll-files, or the famous DLL.me is an ideal option, in this order of platforms it cannot be left except the powerful DLL downloader.

Once the download process is complete, we proceed with the installation. To do this, it is necessary to copy it to the following directory: C:WindowsSystem32.

We now proceed with the corresponding registration, which is carried out under the following specific steps:

  • We open a system execution window, using the Windows manual commands pressed next to the R key. While there, the file that should have been previously copied is pasted. And the execution proceeds.

  • If it is not executed, the regsvr32 command can be added to the name of the file and request execution again.
  • Another way to carry out the process is to extract it from the Zip document, for this we must right click and choose the extract section here. Once extracted, the document is cut, just by right clicking and pressing cut.
  • We go to Disk, being there we enter system32, which is contained within Windows. In this space we are going to paste the file.

To finish the process, we go to the start space where we will look for the Run program. There we are going to transcribe regsvr32 added to the path and name of the copied file. This will automatically materialize the record of what has just been added to the system folder.

dll files and windows logo

Register un.dll in Windows 10

We must evoke the previous procedures, but remember that the registration of a DLL in Windows 10 is carried out directly, only the action or execution request is merited. This is achieved by means of the Windows manual command plus the R key. We copy the address of the DLL and execute.

Can DLL files be opened on Android or iOS devices?

Directly this possibility is not feasible, however; There is a way to accomplish this task. To do this, we must go to both Android and iOS devices, to an application that makes it possible to open .DLL files.

One of the most recurrent is Sharpened’s File Viewer. However, there are others that are very useful for this task, such is the case of DLL-Files Fixer. It only has to be downloaded and installed, through the application store of each operating system.

How can I fix errors in .dll files from Windows

It is common for some DLL files to have faults, or fractures at the time of download, for this we turn to a series of practical and effective solutions to repair errors in DLL files from Windows.

Reboot the device

Although it sounds cliché, it is a valid measure and many times it solves possible errors that occur in the system related to compatibility and visualization of the components of the DLL file and internal actions. Therefore, restarting the device will cause all actions to be restructured from the beginning and thus rule out errors.

Download and install new DLLs

It may happen that at the time of downloading the DLL file, a fracture occurs in its programmatic components, which will influence its normal development, compatibility or visualization. This is why a fresh download and installation of the DLL is recommended.

dll files in windows directory

Reinstall the app or program

To do this, we delete it, but without getting rid of the mother file that is saved in the downloads or wherever it is saved. We go to it and re-install the application or program.

Make system repairs

If the above does not have the desired effect, we proceed to a repair, this is done using the SFC command tool. The application of the tool allows not only an exhaustive analysis of possible failures and errors, it will also automatically repair any error or failure it finds. For its execution, the administrator is opened and we issue the command ‘sfc/scannow’

Re-register the .DLL file

This can be an effective and fast solution that allows the resolution of errors and failures, for such action we only resort to the previous explanation about the registry of files in the system. Where we are going to open the system executor by means of the Windows manual command plus the R key. There we are going to append the command ‘regsvr32’ / and we append the name of the DLL file to then order the execution.

Best programs to open and repair DLL files

Manual repairs will not always be effective and can reach the point of emptiness, for which it is necessary to go to specialized programs to carry out the repair and open the DLL files. Let’s talk a little about them.

Dependency Walker

It is a powerful program for Microsoft, which has the potential to carry out repairs of DLL files, which is ideal for our task, it only has to be downloaded by following the steps that the download interface itself displays.

Dll Universal Problem Solver

It is another great technological help tool to open and repair DLL files, in addition to its fairly simple use, but of superior efficiency that will help with any problem that occurs with the DLL file.

identifying pc dll file

Recommendations before a Dll file

We already mentioned earlier, that the DLL file is not a program that is frequently used, and many people do not have much knowledge of its use. Of course, those who work with the programming itself, know how to do the job without any complications, that’s why the following recommendations.

  1. It generates certain errors, it is best not to try to repair them without basic programming knowledge, or it will cause damage to other system files.
  2. It is possible that some DLL files are damaged by a virus, for this reason have an updated Antivirus available on your computer.
  3. Do not rush to delete any DLL file or produce an error that does not allow the operation of some applications. Before I checked what DLL files are used on your computer and what are the related applications that can be affected.
  4. For DLL files to work properly, they sometimes require application updates, so be aware of the latest updates.
  5. When opening the DLL file do not make changes to the characters or symbols, this may cause an error.

We hope that this information has been very useful to you, when you are presented with a DLL file, you will know how it works and the precautions for its use. Although it is a simple file, the dynamic link library is of great advantage for better use of your computer.

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