Do not get overwhelmed: how to install a router that is sent to you by Post


A technician does not always come to our house to install the router and there are operators who will send the device to our home so that we can connect it and start using it. But you may not know how to do it well and this may worry or overwhelm you. It’s simple.

How to install a router that is sent to you by Post? There are several cases that can occur and we will explain them below so that there is no problem and generally you will not have to do anything except connect the corresponding cables and connect to the Internet. Depending on the operator, we will find information or tutorials through the website or they will be accompanied by instructions.

In which cases do they send us a router?

There are some cases in which we will have a new router and it will be sent to us by courier or by Post. Generally, it will be a technician who comes to our house if we do a new installation and is in charge of checking that everything works correctly and will leave it working, but this does not always happen and there are operators that send you a router that you simply have to plug in.

Or because you have registered and you do not need installation or in case of speed provision: you have changed your rate to have more speed but you need a router that allows it.

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What to do when we receive a router

There are several cases that can occur if we receive a router by Post and a technician does not come to install it, but we must be the ones to do it. We may have a problem, as we will see below, but normally it is enough to plug it in and use the password that comes on the sticker of the device.

The router is not supported

It may be the case that you receive a router that is not compatible and we cannot use it. For example, if you have direct fiber and you have received an indirect fiber router, we will not be able to connect it because it does not have a port to connect the fiber cable, but rather this router is designed so that the fiber connects to the ONT and from the ONT to the router. . If we do not have the ONT and we have direct fiber and an indirect fiber router, we cannot plug it in, install it or use it… In this case, we must contact the operator to send us a technician to change the router or simply ask them to send us a compatible device. That is, a router in which we can connect the fiber cable.

simyo router

Supported but not configured

The second case that can occur is that we receive the router but without autoconfiguring and that we have to synchronize the device to start serving us. In this case, we connect it using the corresponding ports and from the computer we access the browser to enter it. We use the IP address through the browser bar and it will redirect us to a screen where we can start the configuration. The user is “admin” by default in practically all cases and the password will be the one that we will find on the sticker of the device, the WiFi password. Once inside, in the configuration, we must synchronize the router and we can start using it.

Router already configured

In the event that it is a self-configured router, we will simply have to connect it to the fiber cable and connect to the Internet from the different devices. The only difference with the previous case is that it will already be synchronized once we connect the cables, without the need to access the router configuration. We will only have to connect it, look for the WiFi sticker on the back and access it from our computer, from our mobile phone… In addition, it is advisable that we access the configuration to improve security by changing the password that comes by default.

low wi router

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