Do not risk your EBAU note: these watches are prohibited in exams


Smartwatches have become a ubiquitous tool in everyday life, favoring a wide range of features and conveniences. However, there is a burning debate around its use during selectivity and opposition exams, where its presence has been prohibited. If you are preparing for the EBAU, take note of the watches that you cannot wear.

It is common that in exams, whether for selectivity, oppositions or other types of evaluations, the use of mobile phones and headphones is prohibited for obvious reasons. However, few students are aware that smartwatches are also devices that are in the crosshairs of examiners. Neither watches nor activity bracelets, so what can you wear?

Risk of cheating on exams

Smartwatches, with their ability to connect to the Internet, receive notifications and access a wide range of applications, have raised concerns in the field of selectivity and competitive examinations.

These devices offer the ability to receive notifications and access information in real time, which can tempt examinees to seek answers or seek outside help during the exam. This poses a significant risk to the integrity of the tests, since it seeks to assess the knowledge and skills acquired individually and without external influences.

In addition, in exams such as selectivity and oppositions, it is essential to guarantee the confidentiality of the contents and the security of the evaluation processes. Watches of this type could be used to capture images or record audio of exams, which could compromise security and a level playing field for all participants.

The ban on the use of a smartwatch also seeks to simplify the evaluation process. Allowing its use would imply the need to implement additional controls and systems to ensure that its use does not compromise the validity of the results. By prohibiting them, you avoid additional complexity and ensure that the focus remains on the fair and accurate assessment of the knowledge and skills of the participants.

smartwatch prohibited exams

What watches are allowed?

The type of watches that are generally allowed to be worn during selectivity and opposition exams are those that have basic traditional watch functions, that is, they only indicate the time and do not have advanced features or Internet connectivity. These conventional watches, known as “analog watches” or “hand watches,” are accepted due to their simplicity and limited functionality.

These analog clocks are considered less likely to be used as cheat tools or to access external information during exams. By having only the function of displaying the time, they do not offer the possibility of connectivity, notifications or access to applications that could compromise the integrity of the test.

The ban on smartwatches in exams applies regardless of whether they are connected to the Internet or not. This is because these devices often have multiple functions beyond simply displaying the time, such as receiving notifications, having downloaded apps, or data storage capabilities. Even if a smartwatch is not connected to the Internet during the exam, it may access some external application or contain images that can be copied. So don’t risk it and leave your smartwatch at home.

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