Get ready, because this is how dating apps will be in the future


Technology advances by giant steps and is changing absolutely everything. As you can imagine, dating apps are also going to change in the future. And the best thing is to prepare yourself, because when the generational change occurs, you don’t want to be so anchored to the past that you feel like a fish out of water. Take note of the changes that are coming!

Dating apps are on the front page for millions of people around the world. It is possible that you yourself have used them on some occasion or that you even do it regularly. In that kind of case, you will like to be aware of what the next news is going to be. An industry insider has spoken about the changes that are coming, which we are going to talk about next.

AI is not going to be very relevant

No, do not worry. Artificial intelligence isn’t going to enter the dating app market as well and spoil the experience you’re used to. It is confirmed that the plan of the main applications in this sector is not to adopt AI as one of their important features. It is only planned to implement artificial intelligence options in very basic functions such as offering users a selection of phrases with which to break the ice.

That is, it is not something to be criticized either. This type of application will incorporate a series of options on the screen where you can choose different ways to start a conversation. Because we all know that the most difficult thing after matching someone is finding the best way to start talking. The development of the rest of the conversation depends, to a large extent, on that first sentence or the first words. What’s more, there are people who analyze that first message you send a lot and who might not respond to you if they don’t find it interesting or it doesn’t impact them in a particularly positive way.

The options that will be given with AI will be, apparently, simple. Perhaps a slightly more personalized selection is offered and adjusted to different personalities, in order to better fit the style of each person. After all, no one would choose a funny phrase to break the ice if their character is dry and boring afterwards. Another thing will be to know if the users will use these phrases or not, since perhaps the other person will value it as something negative. We will have to see how the situation progresses!

The use of AI will also be applied to the applications in relation to giving match suggestions and trying to make internal systems more efficient in their work. But let’s not think about a Chatbot, because putting one in a dating app would be totally absurd.

more segmented applications

When there was only one app, like during the time when Tinder reigned with an iron fist, segmentation wasn’t thought to be necessary, because the number of users wasn’t radically large either. But over the years, more and more people are using these dating apps. And what that generates is a gigantic user database that makes the process of finding your better half very difficult. On Tinder it is increasingly difficult to filter results and find someone with whom you really have a connection, either because of the algorithm or because there are people who alter their profiles to fit the standards or trends (and then come the surprises).

For this reason, it is now necessary to segment. The way to do it will be with the launch of more applications that will be aimed at different types of audience. In this sense, yes, it is pending to see which are the apps that end up having popularity depending on the reaction of the users. There are many companies that are testing small dating applications and have found that not all of them work. Little by little it will be seen which ones are imposed and if they find their niche among users of mobile devices. Some of the ideas mentioned by the insider include dating applications between people of a certain religion, those who choose to have polygamous relationships or people who, for example, are very fond of sports.

The challenge that the companies that develop these applications have to overcome is finding the balance between a segmentation that is interesting and one that ends up being forgotten in a few days. That is a great challenge to overcome. But, if the market ends up being segmented, it could be a great option for users.

Shorter dating times

Society wants things faster and faster and this is also something that applies to dating apps. The industry knows that users want something and they want it now. For this reason, different ways are being explored to reduce the process, which usually involves searching, waiting for the match, starting a conversation and then, when the time comes, organizing a meeting.

The applications of the future could make it easier for users to enjoy faster processes in different ways without implying that the experience of meeting another person can be altered. For this, ideas and methods are still being developed to speed up the processes and, on the other hand, the benefit of the applications does not depend on keeping users looking for flirts for as long as possible.

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