Hoover HF9, the vacuum of the future is here for a complete cleaning of the home


Home cleaning is a headache for many of us, mainly because of the waste of time it entails. For this reason, Hoover prepares the perfect solution, its new Hoover HF9 broom vacuum cleaner, a model designed with the latest technologies from the manufacturer to achieve the best results.

Hoover is one of the great references in the sector, with a catalog of products beyond any doubt and that has established this firm as one of the first options to consider. In fact, Hoover was the first to patent a vacuum cleaner and they have been producing vacuum cleaners for over 100 years since 1908, so their quality is beyond question.

The company has brand values ​​in which customer well-being and satisfaction is vital, which is why its line of household appliances is based on reliability and high performance. And it is just the main exponent of its new family of Hoover HF9 vacuum cleaners: offering maximum power for a complete cleaning of your home.

Hoover HF9, this is the handheld vacuum of the future

In this case they have presented two versions, the HF9 HOME and PET vacuum cleaners. Both models are the same, although the PET vacuum cleaner has been designed for pets, with a special brush for it. Both versions have an anti-tangle system to better remove hair from the main nozzle.

.Using the Hoover HF9

Hoover has achieved a product made of top quality materials and that offers characteristics beyond any doubt, as you will see later. To do this, the Hoover HF9 vacuum cleaner has gone through hundreds of tests to ensure that it will perform optimally. Maximum power for the complete cleaning of your home

And what better way to demonstrate it than by offering a 5-year guarantee so that you can enjoy a device that will more than meet the expectations of the most demanding users. Such is the quality of this product that Hoover will launch a 100-day trial promotion (Try&buy) and if you are not convinced they will give you your money back, because they are convinced that you will like it

In addition, it has a base that you can install to hang your vacuum cleaner from the wall so that it takes up as little space as possible. Without a doubt, a product that will attract the eyes of your visitors since it is a model that exudes quality from each of its pores. And seeing what is hidden inside the Hoover HF9, it is clear that it is a premium vacuum for the most demanding users.

LED screen, great suction power and much more

For starters, the new Hoover HF9 vacuum cleaner features a brushless motor, rated at 130AW, and is set up with a noise-reducing, maximum-efficiency cleaning schedule that runs at 61AW for 30 minutes. With this, it allows you to completely clean your home, being able to extend the autonomy to 60 minutes in the model that has a replacement battery. According to the company’s calculations, with a single battery you can clean a home of 120 square meters without loss of power.

Using the Hoover HF9

The best thing is that its 4,000 mAh battery can be charged separately or in the vacuum cleaner. In addition, in just 3 hours you will have 80% charge, or a full charge in 3.5 hours.

If you have pets at home, you will know that your four-legged friend has a unique ability to leave hair all over the house. Well, you know that the Hoover HF9 Pet has an anti-tangle head through its ANTI-TWIST technology that has been specifically designed to vacuum pet hair, threads and other general debris with the best results, preventing them from getting tangled with the roller. .

To this we must add its complete digital screen that will allow you to access all the information of the Hoover HF9 handheld vacuum cleaner. Through this LED panel, you will be able to know the battery percentage, adjust the speed of the brush or activate the Turbo mode with which you will clean the floor of your home in record time.

Using the Hoover HF9

How could it be otherwise in one of the best handheld vacuum cleaners on the market, the Hoover HF9 comes with the Dusting & Furniture tool that has been specifically designed to clean hard surfaces and fabrics, making it perfect for leaving sofas house like new. There are also accessories to reach the most difficult areas or narrow spaces, so you will get the best results.

All tools can be attached to the handheld or to the end of the wand for above-floor cleaning, so you won’t be short of options when it comes to cleaning the most delicate surfaces.

Using the Hoover HF9

Regarding the release date and price of the Hoover HF9, this powerful handheld vacuum cleaner will hit the market in October, available in four versions (HF9 HOME, HF9 PET and HF9 Home with two batteries and HF9 Pet with two batteries) . A most complete product with a 5-year guarantee to demonstrate the solidity of this vacuum cleaner and Hoover’s commitment to its customers, especially taking into account its promotion so that you can try it for 100 days without obligation.

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