How can you see blocked contacts on Instagram? – From your PC


Today everyone uses social networks in their daily lives to stay connected and informed of everything that happens. But sometimes there comes a time when perhaps communication with a certain person is no longer so profitable and we decide to block it. In case you don’t know how to block someone on Instagram, here we are going to show you how you can achieve it and how to undo this action if you regret it.

How can a user be blocked or unblocked on Instagram?

Just like on other social networks, on Instagram it is also easy to block a user, either they follow each other and you don’t want to see their content or they don’t follow each other yet, but you want to avoid it before this happens. Therefore, you must keep in mind that when you do this, this person will not be able to send you messages, see your posts and your stories, so if you want to silence that person, there are other ways without being so drastic.


You have to enter the Instagram app, and if this user is already on your list of followers, you can go to your profile and you will enter this list. Here you will look for the user you want to block and you will enter his profile. There you have to touch the three points that are at the top of the screen and you will press on ‘Block’ and then you will confirm the action.

What are the steps to see the list of your blocked users on Instagram?

In case you are wondering how many users you have blocked on your Instagram and want to see the list with all these users, here we show you how you can find out depending on the device you are trying from.

From a PC or iPad

Today all social networks have their own web pages from which you can check your account. One of the ones that has this type of website is Instagram, unfortunately these pages do not allow you to perform certain actions because they are not available. Among these functions that are not available is to show the list of blocked people. Therefore, if you want to see who these users are, you have to do it from a phone.

iphone cell

Via iPhone or Android

From your Android phone and iPhone it is very easy to see this list of blocked users, because you will only have to enter the Instagram App. Next, you need to click on your profile picture on the right hand side of the screen and click on ‘Settings’. When you do this, you will enter a new options menu where you have to click on privacy. Then you will only enter the choice of ‘Blocked accounts’ and there will be the list of each and every one of the users that you have blocked.

How can you unblock an Instagram user with easy steps?

We don’t always think about leaving a person blocked forever, that’s why if you blocked someone, but you want to remove this restriction, you can do it. So we will show you two ways to perform this task.

One way to unblock a user is from your account settings. This is found in your profile after tapping on the three dots on the right side of the screen. When you go into settings, you’re going to look for the option that says ‘Privacy’ and then tap on ‘Connections’. In this part there will be three options which are Restricted, Silenced and Blocked, so you will enter the one called blocked.

Now, you will see all the users you have blocked and search for the one you want to unblock. Next to the name of this user there is an open padlock icon, when you press it the person will already be unlocked.

The other way to unblock someone is by searching for their profile on the Instagram search engine. After the search is complete you are going to press the name to enter your profile and you will touch the three points that are in the profile and you will press unlock. This way, this user will already be unlocked.

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