How to add or tag public or private places on Google Maps in a simple way

How to add or tag public or private places on Google Maps in a simple way

You may have had the opportunity to browse the web and visit the Google Maps page. There is no doubt that it is an exciting and at the same time enriching experience. What’s more, many people use this app for online sightseeing.

And it is that through it you can get to know places of historical interest or cities in the world that you may never be able to visit in person. But Google Maps not only offers us a panoramic view of the places, but also shows us more detailed information about them.

Just by clicking on a place you want to know, Google Maps offers us the name, its geographical location, photographs of them, historical data, etc. You may be wondering how Google Maps manages to publish all this information with such precision? What Google Maps calls Site Labels plays a fundamental role here.

What are Google Maps place labels and what are they for?

It is a Google Maps tool that shows relevant information about a certain place, company, business, restaurant, etc. You just have to zoom in on the image of the map displayed on the screen and the names or labels of the places of interest will appear.

The more you zoom in on the image, the more site labels will appear. If you want to know more information about a particular site that appears on the map, you just have to click on one of them and much more information about it will appear.

For example, if you press the name of a restaurant, information about it will appear in the upper left, such as a photograph, geographical location, telephone number, hours, etc.

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Google Maps labels the places on its maps taking into account several factors so that it is as accurate as possible. One of them is the information offered by business owners, government institutions, etc. And once verified they are included in the map.

Sometimes it may happen that the information about a place has some errors or it may appear in the wrong place on the map. In those cases, users can send the information to Google Maps and these, once verified, will make the corrections. Of course, all of this takes time.

As you can see you can greatly enrich the information that Google Maps needs to update its site records. If, for example, you allow Google Maps to keep a record of the sites you have previously visited, you only have to activate the location history of your mobile.

How can you easily add or tag places on Google Maps?

You can tag public or private places that appear on the map. These will be recorded on your custom map. If you want to see them, you just have to enter the Google Maps menu and press your places or your sites and then choose labeled.

Now how can you add a private label to a place? If you do it from your computer you must do the following: the first step is to open Google Maps. Then on the map locate the place you want to label, press and on the left side of the screen you will see the option to add a label. Press again and then write the label.

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You can change the names of the labels whenever you want. You just have to open the menu and go to your sites and go to tagged, choose the one you want to change and edit the new tag name. If you want to delete it, you just have to press the X that appears next to the label.

If you do it from an Android device, do the following: open the Google Maps application, in the search engine you can place the name of the place or search on the map and press it. Then at the bottom click on the name of the site and select tag. If you want to delete it, just look for your tagged and choose remove tag.

It is important that you create your own Google account in order to take full advantage of it and keep up to date with its constant updates.

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