How to Contact an Uber Driver – Uber Lost & Found

How to Contact an Uber Driver – Uber Lost & Found

Thanks to the new digital platforms for transport services, more and more users are downloading the UBER APP application to request trips. UBER has millions of users in the world who enjoy its services when using its application. But a common situation arises: you requested an Uber ride and you forgot an item in the car! How can you contact the UBER driver?

Do not despair! Uber offers you different solutions. Here’s how to contact UBER through UBER TRIP HELP, after your trip, and after you’ve forgotten an item. You can do it from the mobile application or from the Uber website.

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Contact a driver through the application

One of the possibilities that Uber offers you is to keep drivers and passengers in contact. So if you forgot an object in the car, you have the option of contacting the driver who made your trip from the application in a simple way.

To do this, you must enter the application from your mobile and log in, in the drop-down menu on the main screen select “Help”, in this menu select the option “Review of Trips and Rates”, then select the trip from the list where you lost the item and then scroll down and tap “I lost an item”.

This option opens the Uber Lost Property section, in it you must enter your contact phone number and press “Send”, your request will be sent to Uber and they will put you in contact with the driver. Wait for your driver’s response and if he confirms that he has the object you lost, agree on a place and time to meet.

Contact a driver through the Uber website

And what if what you forgot in the car was your mobile and you can’t contact the driver through the application? Do not worry! you still have a way out. Go to the Uber Help webpage, sign in and go to the “Ride Issues and Refunds” menu. Then, from the menu, choose “Contact a driver about a lost item” and follow the instructions provided.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and if you’re already logged in then you can enter a contact phone number and then click “Submit.” If what you left in the car was your mobile phone, then put a contact number of someone close to you.

From Uber they will call you at the number you entered to connect with the mobile phone number of the driver of the trip where you lost your object. Then wait. If your driver responds and confirms that they found your item, you’ll need to arrange a time and place for them to drop it off.


Now you know what to do to contact your Uber driver in case you leave an item in the car after a trip. However, we must clarify certain conditions that you must take into account when using this service.

First of all, if your request is not answered immediately, remember that the driver may be driving, so you can leave a text message that he responds when he is free. You can even leave voice notes that your driver can listen to at the most appropriate time.

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Also, remember that drivers are independent contractors, so Uber and drivers are not responsible for items lost in a vehicle after the trip is over.

So while Uber provides the necessary assistance to give you the chance to recover your item, it does not guarantee that a lost item will be held by a driver or that they will be able to return it to you immediately.

We hope that these indications have been useful to you, the objective is that you can enjoy the Uber service, this famous mobility platform that helps thousands of passengers daily to reach their destinations easily and safely. For more information on how UBER taxi works and why it is the best way to travel, enter our web portal where you can answer many questions.

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