How to see, show and download the PING in LOL in game or before starting to play

How to see, show and download the PING in LOL in game or before starting to play

If you don’t know what the CMD is or what it’s for, well, you can know my ping by cmd before entering lol in the following way: In the search option in Windows, type ‘cmd’ and click.

In the black window that appears type ping followed by the ip address of the lol server. To know your ping in real time, write ‘ping’ which is the address of the servers for Eastern Europe (Spain included).

At the end on the right, it will appear what the average ping is. It is important to know that a ping less than 25ms is ideal, while one greater than 120ms should be of concern.

If you are interested in seeing your ping in real time while playing LOL, hold down the G key and select the option you want to activate, in this case ping. If it is not the letter G, it is because you have possibly changed the key for which you want to activate notifications.

What is lag and why does it occur?

The word ‘lag’ translates from English to Spanish as ‘delay’. This delay can be generated in any data exchange via the Internet.

Actions such as sending/receiving WhatsApp messages, a video call, video conferences, playing on online servers, among others, can be victims of lag.

In this data transfer, the internet connection may not be collaborating with us, therefore this delay is generated that affects the experience offered by the game or application.

For example, in a videoconference, we can detect that there is a lag in the communication because it is choppy or the image is distorted. This can be caused by your internet connection, the other person’s internet connection, or the calling service server.

gaming keyboard for league of legends

If during 2020 you had lag in LOL, say goodbye to lost games, now, with the recommendations indicated here, there will be no reason to lose again.

When talking about lag, other terms such as ‘Ping’ and milliseconds can also be referred to, which we will explain below.

What is PING and how to download it?

In short, ping is the number of milliseconds (ms) it takes for a packet to be sent from computer A to server B, and then the response from the server sent back to the computer.

As you can understand, having a high ping harms any activity you are doing. During 2020 the programs to lower the ping became very popular. For example, exit lag.

This type of program is the answer if you were wondering how to fix ping in lol 2020. Normally, the data emitted by your computer passes through several antennas until it finally reaches your company’s server.

What this type of program seeks is to try to make the data transmission more linear and efficient, therefore, as the data arrives faster, the internet ping will be much lower.

Surely you were already imagining it, these types of programs are paid. And although the monthly payment is not very expensive (€5.5 per month) you may not be interested in this option, so there is still more.

Recommendations to play LOL without lag on Windows

Although the WiFi connection offers great convenience, for online video games such as League of Legends, connecting to the Internet through an Ethernet cable is the best option.

Similarly, if your WiFi router is far away from the room with the computer, when measuring the ping in lol, you will discover a big difference compared to if you were close to the router.

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One of the main reasons why you may have slow internet, may be the number of people connected to your internet.

If at night, even when no one is connected, you feel a lot of lag or a high ping, it is best to hire a better connection package.

On the other hand, one of the reasons why lol may be lagging may be due to the location of the server you are playing on.

If we are playing League of Legends and the server is in Argentina for example, we are going to need a better internet connection to have a low ping and a fast connection.

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