How to send a Word file by email Gmail | Step by step on PC or mobile

How to send a Word file by email Gmail |  Step by step on PC or mobile

The ways of communicating, like all the tools for human life, have evolved with impressive speed thanks to new technologies, and with the boom in digital technologies, the Internet and computer programs have been created. thousands of different options; but although the subject has infinite ramifications, the purpose of the article can be summarized in the usefulness of two combined services, Microsoft Word and Gmail.

In simple terms, we must talk about the utility that Gmail provides first, since the electronic mail service, hence its name ‘Email’, has provided many with a much faster and more efficient alternative to send not only written messages but attachments and even important documents, which can confuse some.

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What is the size limit of attachments that can be sent?

In current times, email platforms have been one of the best tools invented by man through the internet. There is a wide category of brands that provide this service; but the technological giant Google could not be left behind; so it gave rise to its email network called Gmail.

Through this effective tool we can send messages, documents, files and folders to other recipients in different parts of the world and immediately. However, Gmail restricts its users from sending this type of information; where for each file or attached files it allows up to a maximum of 25 MegaBytes.

If the sender of the message wishes to send one or more files that exceed the weight established by the platform; the Gmail system will convert said contents into a series of links, uploading them to the Google Drive service; this means that the file will be sent as a Drive link and not in its original presentation (as established by the Gmail policies and terms of service).

Methods by which I can send a document or file folder by mail

When you want to share more than one file or folder by email, you need to know a little about what you can do and the tools you can use. We will explain simple procedures that you can apply either on a computer or on your mobile device.

From the cellphone

From a cell phone you can send your documents through your Gmail account; To do this, follow the steps that we give you below.

  • Log in to Gmail, open the compose option which is represented by the plus symbol (+)
  • Being there, you select the icon of a clip that is located in the upper right corner of the screen
  • The system folder where you save the information will open
  • You select the file to send and it will be attached; finally you send and that’s it

Another way is to first choose the file in the documents folder of your cell phone storage. Then click on the share with option. There you must choose the form of mail, it will open the mail with the file already ready and you only enter the destination address and send.

from PC

Now, if you find it easier to send an email from your PC, you may be presented with some different alternatives and others that are similar. The most common thing is that you enter your mail, be it Gmil, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. You are going to compose a new message, you click where the paperclip icon is, you attach it or the files and send.

It may also be possible for you to convert some files to zip format (in order to optimize the size of the documents); you can even do it with entire folders. Once the change to zip has been made; go to the mail and attach it. Or on the contrary, you can right click on the file and click on the ‘send to’ option that appears in the drop-down menu. You select the mail, put the recipient and send.

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How Google Drive Attachments Work

The service offered by Google Drive is based on an information storage system through the well-known ‘cloud’; which is a unit to store, where Google allows you to save a large amount of data up to a maximum of 15GB per account. In order to have access to it, you must have a registered user in Gmail.

Drive can be opened from the applications icon that appears on the main screen of the Chrome browser, in the upper right corner. If you want to attach a file in the Google cloud, you need to follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in to Gmail and open Google Drive
  2. You give the option again, plus symbol (+)
  3. There will be a drop-down menu where you can choose to upload a file or a folder
  4. The file browser will open and you select what you want to upload
  5. Drive will immediately upload the file and allow you to get a URL with this
  6. Once the information is attached you can share via email more easily

Word and Gmail, a perfect relationship

Before we talk about Word and the application files, it’s useful to talk a little about the most important tool there is for sending email, Gmail. The app has been in a similar, if not the same, fashion for over 20 years, so most active Internet users are likely to know how to use it usefully.

Although it is yes, there are people who may have doubts that, when using the newer tools of the application, such as adding different forms of files that can be allowed, and there comes the matter of how Word files are attached, although not there is nothing to fear because now it is very simple, you just have to understand a series of simple steps.

You just have to have Gmail open, a functional account and a destination account already selected. When entering the application and clicking on ‘compose’, a window will open where you have to select a recipient and a section of text, although the text should not matter, since below the text there is an option to attach the files, although this by itself it is not the only thing to use.

Attach Word quickly

When attaching the Word document it is necessary to press the ‘attach file’ option that has a paper clip shape at the bottom of the window, there a computer navigation folder will open where you have to look for the folder with the desired document.

In addition to attaching Word files, it is possible to attach other types of files to the same document, and in addition to being able to write next to the document, which is very useful to add information to it, and you just have to send the mail in a common way, since it is optimized so that all types of mail are sent without problems.

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Things to keep in mind about Word documents

It is not a bad idea to comment a little on the functionality provided by sending documents in Word, it is even likely that many readers have already received documents for jobs, amateur or even professional writing, work articles and more recently the tasks and jobs in a study environment, being possible that they have been received to be edited or only in reading mode, which can be useful for more than one.

When sending a document by email, it is very important that the document is optimized or exactly what you are looking for, as well as being complete. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to analyze some characteristics that the Word document must have to be useful or some details that can work for users.

The document must be well kept

When attaching files, it is very important to consider 3 things: first, the document must be closed and already saved, because as it is still being edited and in use, Gmail will not allow it to be attached as it could corrupt the file. It is also useful to know that once the document has been saved, it cannot weigh more than 25 MB or it can only be sent via Google Drive.

Data about the Mail with the document

It is also useful to know that, despite saving the email with the attached document in drafts, it will not be deleted but will remain as a downloadable file within the same text window, and when this document is sent it can be opened either as a download or as an online document like Google Doc.

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