How to send Google AdSense tax information? – Update your information

How to send Google AdSense tax information?  – Update your information

Sending tax information to Google AdSense is essential if you want to start, for example, to monetize videos on YouTube. The data must be real because otherwise it will not be accepted.

There are several forms to send this tax information and you must choose the one that suits your situation. Keep in mind that these are different depending on the location where you are. In Look How It’s Done we will show you what are the different forms that you should be aware of when filling out.

send tax information to google adsense

How to login to Google AdSense to submit tax information?

Once you know how to place Google AdSense advertising, you only have to log in to send the required tax information. First you must go to your preferred browser and open your AdSense account, when you are already inside you must look for the payment option. Next, click on manage settings, search for payment management and select United States tax information.

In this section you must press the edit option, then you will get a section called manage tax information where you must press it to enter the corresponding data. When you have done all these steps, you must follow the wizard provided by the platform and choose the form according to your needs.

It is important to remember that the information you enter must be real to avoid problems in the future and that you can receive your payments properly. Regarding the sending of the forms, the response time is not exact, however, it usually takes only a few days.

What should be done if the Google account data does not match the tax data?

When this happens we can see that the form has been returned to us because some data does not match your account, in this case we have two options. The first one is to log in to the official Google AdSense page again and submit a form again with the correct data so that it can be processed again.

Another option that can be taken into account according to your needs is to send extra information that shows that the data is correct. In this way, you will have to look in the notifications for the additional documents that are being requested and send them as soon as possible.

It is recommended to fill out the forms the first weeks of each month, in this way the payment will not be held for long. Although there is no deadline for sending it, it is recommended to send it as soon as possible and thus prevent any additional information required.

How do you know what type of form you need to submit to AdSense?

The type of form you need to submit to AdSense will be based on your location, this is paramount. So you should know what type of form suits you, since otherwise it will not be accepted for not putting the real data.

If this is not the case, it is likely that your form will be rejected and you will have problems submitting it. If you do not know which form is the one you need, then we will show you the different types that exist.

update your information in google adsense

Form W-8BEN

In this type of form, people who must use it will enjoy a percentage reduction of their income. It is made especially for individuals living outside of the United States.

Form W-8ECI

This Google AdSense form is made for individuals or physical companies that have businesses and declare income in the United States. However, it is for those people who are outside of this country.

Form W-8IMY

When submitting these types of forms you should know that they are likely to ask for more data about the assignment. This form is used by companies or partnerships that are intermediaries in the United States.

Form W-8EXP

This form is made for companies or government associations that do not pay taxes. Therefore, by not paying taxes because it belongs to a government, you will be able to use business data to fill out this form.

How do you see the status of the submitted form?

To see what status your Google AdSense form is in, you just have to look at the notifications on the main page. In this section you will see information about the status of your form. You can also look for it in the Google AdSense payments section in the same option where you submitted the form.

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