How to set messages to self-destruct on WhatsApp

How to set messages to self-destruct on WhatsApp

Currently there are many applications that we can use from our smartphone to be able to communicate with our loved ones and friends.

But one that has become the favorite of many users is WhatsApp and this is due to the large number of options it offers its users. But did you know that you can also make WhatsApp messages self-destruct?

This is a modality that began to spread from the Snapchat application, but over time it spread to other applications such as Telegram and Instagram.

That users can send a message that after a certain time is destroyed, seems to be taken from those movies where only in science fiction everything was possible.

But the truth is that with this new function that WhatsApp users now have, you can send content and especially images and they will self-destruct.

Avoiding in this way that they can be distributed without the permission of the sender. And in the following article we are going to show you what are the simple steps you must follow so that your messages self-destruct.

How to set messages to self-destruct on WhatsApp

Surely you are one of the millions of users who use WhatsApp on a daily basis and you will be wondering where the hell is this function to activate it.

And the truth is that this option is not available natively in the application. And we will have to download another App on our mobile so that the message self-destruction function is available.

delete whatsapp messages

The application that we are going to use is called Pronto and you can download it for free for phones that use the iOS operating system, from the App Store.

In the event that you use smartphones that work with the Android operating system, you can download it very easily from the Play Store.

Steps to set messages to self-destruct on WhatsApp

The first thing we must do is, of course, go to our virtual store and download the App, after installing it. We must grant permissions to the application so that it has access to our contacts and also to the camera. And in this way the new application that we have installed helps us to send ephemeral messages, without any problem.

Once everything is ready and we enter the Pronto App, we will see that its interface is very similar to the one that Snapchat presents us with. Where we will be able to write text messages, with a maximum of 200 characters. We can also upload videos that we have archived, include photos to which we can add text and we will even be able to paint it by hand.

Then, as expected, we must create the message that we are going to send and add the multimedia content of our choice. After this we will see that we will have at our disposal three options that we will describe below. The first one is to save the message we just created in our library.

The second option that we can use and one of the most important is the one that has to do with the time in which the message will self-destruct. This means the length of time the message will be available before it is deleted forever. And finally we will have at our disposal an option that will protect your messages from screenshots.

We will see this option with the padlock icon and once we activate it we will be notified by means of a message. Once those parameters have been chosen that will have the message that we will send to our WhatsApp contact. We will go to the bottom right of the screen and locate an arrow-shaped icon.

self destruct whatsapp messages

Doing this will show the options that we will have to share the message and we can choose different social networks or instant messaging platforms. In our case we are going to select WhatsApp, then we must choose the contact to whom we want to send the message and ready we send the message and he will be able to see it until it is automatically destroyed.

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