MediaMarkt is not going to give you a Smart TV: this is the new scam by mail


Beware of this deception! A new fake email pretends to be MediaMarkt and promises an irresistible offer: a free Smart TV in exchange for answering a survey. We reveal the details of this fraud and the best tips to protect yourself from this type of online scam.

“Congratulations, For your eyes only”, this is the subject that accompanies the email that pretends to be the famous electronics store. Although it may seem reliable at first, when entering the email we are alerted by the sender. It has nothing to do with MediaMarkt, although it can cause confusion.

It is not a secure survey

A close look at the sender reveals a clear sign of deception: the email comes from ‘customercare[arroba]’, an account that has nothing to do with MediaMarkt and is completely fraudulent. This sophisticated scam attempt aims to trick unwary users by taking advantage of MediaMarkt’s renowned reputation to obtain personal and banking information. The email prompts recipients to answer a series of questions in a survey, promising a luxurious Samsung Smart TV as a reward.

email scam mediamartk

In addition to the fraudulent sender, another important indication that this email is a phishing attempt is the sense of urgency it tries to create. In an attempt to manipulate customers and get quick responses, scammers employ tactics to create anxiety and pressure. In this case, the email states that it will only take a minute to get the TV.

Another telltale sign that this email is a scam is the link provided to complete the supposed survey. If you examine the link closely, you may notice that it does not go to the MediaMarkt page, but to a suspicious and untrustworthy web page.

By clicking on that link, your antivirus or security software may immediately detect the threat and issue a phishing alert. This happens because scammers often use fake or malicious domains to steal information.

How to identify that it is fake

However, it is important to note that MediaMarkt is not involved in this campaign and does not offer such a promotion. These types of scams are a common tactic used by cybercriminals to steal sensitive information, such as passwords, credit card numbers, or personal data, for fraudulent purposes.

It’s essential to watch out for the red flags of these kinds of fake emails. In addition to the suspicious sender, other clues may include spelling or grammatical errors, suspicious links to websites unrelated to the named company, or requests for confidential information.

It is important to note that, in normal situations, companies officially announce their promotions and raffles through their official channels on social networks, their website, or even by email through their subscribers. These official communications provide transparency and guarantee the authenticity of the offer.

However, in this specific case, it is crucial to note that MediaMarkt has not announced any promotions or surveys to win a TV via spam emails. If you have doubts about the legitimacy of an email, it is advisable to check the official social networks of the company. If there is no mention of the promotion in question, it is most likely a scam.

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