Scholarships for students 2023/2024: Apply for yours before the term runs out!


Every year, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training makes available to all students different types of scholarships that they can request to carry out their training, scholarships available for both high school and vocational training students, artistic and sports education. , as well as languages ​​and, obviously, those who plan to expand their knowledge through university.

The budget that the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training makes available to students has increased and for the next academic year 2023/2024 it will reach 2,520 million euros. The number of students to whom these scholarships are intended is 125,000 throughout Spain and, depending on different factors (if it is necessary to travel to other locations to study) the amount of the scholarship may be higher or lower.

According to this ministry, the average amount of the scholarships will be 1,730 euros for non-university students and 3,130 euros for university students. After the announcement of the budget for student scholarships for the next academic year, the application period has opened, a period that ends in May, specifically on the 17th, so we have more than enough time to apply.

Scholarships studies 2023/2024

Despite not having finished the course, nor knowing the qualifications we are going to obtain, it is most likely that we do not know where we want to direct our studies to carve out a future for ourselves, therefore, as in previous years, the data related to With the studies that we plan to carry out, they are provisional and can be modified in the future so that the ministry can adapt the amount of the scholarship to our needs.

In addition to the amount of these scholarships, users who have special needs such as a disability, a serious conduct disorder, communication problems of any kind, may also request a complementary aid of 400 euros for additional expenses related to the studies.

How to apply for the 2023/2024 scholarship

If we want to register as beneficiaries of the scholarships for students for the 2023/203 academic year, we must use the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training through the following link. To carry out the procedures, we will need a digital electronic certificate, use the Cl@ve system. In addition, we also have the possibility of using other verification data such as the DNIe.

In the search box that appears, we must enter the data of the type of scholarship we want to obtain to access all the available options. By clicking on the description of each of the grants in the form of available scholarships, we will have to identify ourselves on the platform and then enter the data, data that, as we have mentioned above, we can modify, so they are not considered as finals. The last day to apply for these scholarships is May 17.

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