Science warns you: do not buy the products that are in the supermarket checkout lines


Do you usually choose products from the checkout line while you are waiting to pay at the supermarket? In that case, a new study that has just been published has something that is important for you to know. According to what those responsible for the investigation say, those who are buying these products should stop doing so as soon as possible to avoid health problems.

70% of the items that are put up for sale in the checkout line are not healthy. This is a worrying percentage in which associate professor Jennifer Falbe, author of the research, wants to place special emphasis to prevent citizens from continuing to expose themselves to problems. From what it seems, in a certain way, the supermarkets themselves have been acting without thinking about the health of their customers. Because?

What’s on the checkout line?

Ask yourself this question and try to remember what you usually find on the small shelves that you find in this place while you are waiting to pay. Surely it is not difficult for you to reach the same conclusion that the study has reached. In it, which has been published in the specialized publication Current Developments in Nutrition, it is indicated that 31% of the products in this part of the supermarket are candies (including their many variants), 11% sugary drinks, 9% salty snacks (such as chips) and 6% other sweets.

With these figures, which are so real both in the United States, where the study was carried out, and in Spain and in practically the majority of countries in the world, it cannot be said that the cash line should not be looked at badly. . Because, as much as we have been resisting buying these items when visiting the supermarket, having them there so close will be something difficult to resist. Temptation knocks on the door, and it usually never comes up to any good.

It’s a much desired position.

The truth is that, as we read in the study, the sales spaces that are in the checkout line are highly valued and turn out to be a value that is traded at a very high price among brands. It’s not that your supermarket is trying to make you lose health and eat bad food, it’s all about money. The big candy and beverage companies pay to be present in that luxurious position in which they know they always end up “scratching” sales. It doesn’t have to be a standard for all supermarkets, but it will be something that works this way in some.

After all, it is the only point in the supermarket through which all customers pass and where, due to the need to wait, impulse buying occurs. You may have been resisting buying a box of donuts the entire visit, but if you find them in front of you and see the sugar coating on them, it’s going to be hard to pass up the opportunity. It will be even worse if you see a sale sign or if the price is reduced.

For the study, analyzes were carried out in supermarkets in different areas of the United States, including those in Berkeley, where some time ago the rule was implemented that the checkout lines could only contain a certain amount of products that were not healthy for people. This is how it has been proven that the effect of putting healthier foods in this supermarket position can be something positive for citizens without affecting sales. Impulse buying still exists, but at least it leads to the acquisition of healthier foods.

On the other hand, the research also concludes that the large supermarket chains are the ones that, today, are taking more care in the selection of food that they put in the checkout lines and that the small neighborhood stores are the ones that They put more sugar and pastries. However, in this case we could say that there is possibly a big difference with stores in Spain, where small neighborhood food stores often offer healthier products.

Knowing as we know that the checkout line does not provide us with anything good in most cases, the recommendation of the scientists is that you try not to be tempted and make a plan of what you are going to buy before arriving at the supermarket. Regardless of that, try to stick with what you have in your shopping cart and don’t add anything at the last minute. Your health will thank you!

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