The RTVE app reaches almost 1 million old televisions: this has been possible


Enjoying RTVE Play content through its app has not always been possible for those who have an older Smart TV. However, this is something that has been changing over time with the aim of reaching more and more homes in Spain.

The development of the app has not been overnight. Although, thanks to European Next Generation EU funds, RTVE Play now reaches almost 1 million old televisions. In this way, it is now easier than before to be able to access your audiovisual service online for free.

The growth of RTVE Play

One of the most important milestones of the RTVE application is having managed to reach more old Smart TVs. Specifically, the figure of 900,000 televisions of the main brands in the market has been reached. In addition to this, RTVE Play has been added to the Vodafone TV television service. Therefore, in total, your app is present in approximately 1.5 million homes.

Therefore, users can now access a more interactive RTVE experience by having at their disposal on-demand television, personalized information, podcasts, pop-up channels for special events. In addition to extra content related to the broadcast, such as teletext, electronic programming guide, subtitles, alternative audio and other accessibility applications, voting, connection to social networks or real-time audience measurement.

RTVE app

Within this application for Smart TV, we find the entire catalog of RTVE channels (La 1, La 2, 24 Horas, Teledeporte, Clan, RNE channels and content from the RTVE Archive). Either to see the channels live or to see the content on demand, as well as exclusive content such as Playz.

To this, we must add that, since November 2022, all RTVE channels (La 1, La 2, Clan, Teledeporte and Canal 24 Horas) were added to Samsung TV Plus. An extra point in its favor since, thanks to this, users can access Spanish public television channels without having to have an antenna or the additional app. This is also because, being a free TV service from the brand, which comes by default, it is not necessary to download it or pay anything for it, you only need an Internet connection.

How has it been achieved?

The fact of having managed to expand the public television service through its app in almost 1 million old televisions, in addition to the other services that we have mentioned, has been possible thanks to the deployment of the investments of the Recovery Plan of the Government of Spain in 2021. In this way, it has been possible to follow the line of impulse for the audiovisual sector.

rtve play app spain

In addition, during the month of September 2022, the Ministry of Economic Affairs approved an investment of 20 million euros for the Corporation. And all with the aim of modernizing the platform and making it adapt to the new reality of the audiovisual environment. An investment that has been possible thanks to European Next Generation EU funds, as we told you at the beginning.

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