This is how you can hide the Recycle Bin icon in Windows


The recycle bin is one of the best inventions in computing, since it allows us to recover any file that we have deleted from our bin, as long as we do not have the habit of emptying it every time we fill it.

The Recycle Bin has been located on the Windows desktop since this feature was launched with the arrival of Windows 95 and has not moved since. This icon is not a direct access to use, so we do not have the possibility of deleting it if we want to enjoy the best Windows experience, with the desktop completely clean and where only the taskbar is displayed.

Since we cannot delete the recycle bin icon, at least in the traditional way, what we can do is hide it from view so that it continues to offer its functionality, but hidden, which, without a doubt, makes it difficult to access. If you want to know how you can hide the Windows Recycle Bin icon, we invite you to continue reading.

With the introduction of Windows 11 and the change in the user interface, many options are not accessible in the same way as in Windows 10, this being a clear example, so we are going to explain how to make the icon disappear. Recycle Bin in Windows 10 and Windows 11 independently.

Unlike other processes and Windows configuration changes, in this case it is not necessary to modify the Windows registry, so if we get tired of not having the trash can accessible, we can undo the changes quickly.

Hide Recycle Bin in Windows

The first thing we must do is access the Windows configuration options through the Start menu or using the Win + i keyboard shortcut. Next, we access the Personalization options. Within this menu, in the left column, click on Themes.

Now, we go to the left panel, not the center one, and click on Desktop Icon Settings.

Hide Recycle Bin Windows 10

In Windows 11, this option is not as hidden as in Windows 10, since we find it within the Personalization > Themes menu within the Windows configuration options as we show you in the following image.

Hide Recycle Bin Windows 11

At that moment, a floating window will be displayed with all the icons that are displayed on the desktop and that are part of the system. The only thing that changes in this window in Windows 10 and Windows 11 is the icon design, since the customization options available are exactly the same.

Hide Windows trash icon

This section shows all the icons that we can show or hide on the Windows desktop and among which we find: This computer, Network, Recycle Bin and the name of our Windows user’s folder if we have enabled sharing. files.

To remove the Recycle Bin icon from the Windows desktop, we just have to uncheck the box with the name located at the top of this window. Once we have unchecked that box, click on Apply and then OK. It is not necessary to restart the computer for the changes to be made to the system, this change is made immediately to the system.

If we want to revert the changes, we must carry out the same process, but checking the recycle bin box.

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