Vodafone launches augmented reality so you can install your router or deco yourself


Vodafone continues to innovate and has now integrated into its system a new way to facilitate troubleshooting for its fiber optic and TV customers. Basically, the red operator has begun to use augmented reality technology to help install new equipment (routers and decos) in the homes of users who have suffered some type of problem with the operator’s devices.

Operators continue to bet on new methods to offer more ways of helping their customers. In this case, Vodafone wanted to use augmented reality to give its fiber optic and Vodafone TV customers the possibility of installing the new equipment they receive on their own in the event of a breakdown. In this way, the help of a technician will not be necessary, since this option speeds up the entire process.

New help in troubleshooting

Vodafone wants to speed up and facilitate the troubleshooting process. This management right now will be faster for fiber and TV users who have suffered some kind of problem with their routers or set-top boxes and have had to receive a new device in their homes.

Basically, this new augmented reality option from the red operator consists of helping to install this equipment in the homes of affected customers. In this way, the help of a technician is no longer necessary, you just have to use a smartphone and your camera, it’s that simple. This tool will be in charge of verifying through the mobile camera that the cables are well connected and that the equipment witnesses are correct.

augmented reality vodafone

This new service is initially available for the installation due to failure of routers with HFC technology and for the Vodafone TV 4K decoder with FTTH and HFC technology. However, the red operator makes it clear that it will gradually expand to equipment that supports the rest of the alternatives that it currently offers in its catalogue. So it is a solution that can become one of the most used by its users.

How is it used?

But how can augmented reality be used? Very easy, you just have to follow this series of steps that Vodafone explains:

  • First, you need the My Vodafone app.
  • Access the tab in which you have followed the entry of the operator’s new router or deco.
  • Tap the Activate Device button.
  • Allow the app to use the smartphone camera and take a photo of the router or deco sticker.

  • Then, take another photo of the connections of the equipment that you are going to install (back).
  • At each step, the app will tell you the cables that you must connect to the equipment, be it the decoder or the router. In addition, the application helps you to identify the cables that have to be installed.
  • Once you follow the steps that the app gives you, the process will end by scanning the light indicators of the device with the mobile camera. And if everything is ok, you can finish the installation.

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