These are the best alternatives to Midjourney to create images using Artificial Intelligence


Creating text based on a description automatically is very good for certain jobs and even for studies. However, and although this is the main use that users make, we can also use AI to generate spectacular images. And surely, if you have ever been interested in this type of tool, one that you have surely heard of is Midjourney.

Not all Artificial Intelligences that we can find on the market offer us the same results and we cannot use them to create a certain type of images. In addition, we must also keep in mind that not all of them are free nor all of them are paid, so, depending on our needs and possibilities, we must choose one or another of the options that we show you below.

What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is one of the oldest AIs for generating images, which has allowed it to become a reference within this very specific segment of AI. It is currently in version 5, a version that not only allows you to use natural language to write the prompts, but also offers a high level of detail and a large number of options to find the image we are looking for. In addition, it allows us to establish what type of image we want to create based on a specific style, whether photography or painting.


This tool does not have a website as such, but works through Discord. When we send a prompt, it generates 4 different images. If we are not convinced by the result, we can generate another four. It even allows us to make variations within one of the generated images for more detail, such as adding objects or deleting elements. The maximum resolution of the images that we can generate with Midjourney is 1024×1024 and we can start using it through its Discord channel paying the corresponding subscription, since a trial version is not available.

Free Alternatives to Midjourney

Although Midjourney is one of the best known, when we talk about free AI to create images we don’t have to think that it is synonymous with poor quality. Below, we show you several very powerful alternatives that you can use without having to pay a single euro.

Bing Chat

Thanks to Microsoft’s alliance with OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT and DALL-E, all the new features that are introduced in both AI to generate texts (ChatGPT) and images (DALL-E) are available for free to all users, without need to pay a monthly fee.

Poster IA Disney Pixar

The Bing image generator is based on the latest version of DALL-E, number 3, a version that allows users to use natural language to describe the image they want to create, without having to write as if we were writing a telegram. And, best of all, it’s completely free. You can access this AI from the following link.

Stable Diffusion

Another interesting option that we can also use completely free of charge is Stable Diffusion. Stable Diffusion is an Open Source solution that we can also use locally, installing it on our computer, so an Internet connection is not necessary to get the most out of it, as long as we have a graph.

Stable Diffusion UI

If not, we can also use the web version, also for free. Although it started off very well with Midjourney and DALL-E, and is an open source project, it has not received as much care with these paid solutions, however, it is more than enough to generate all types of images without paying.

Dream Like Art

Dream Like Art offers us the possibility of creating all types of images, through its website or using a Discord channel. Unlike other AIs to generate images that are initially advertised as free. Dream Like Art is completely free with the only limitation of 24 images per day.

Dream Like Art

If we want to exceed that limit, we will have to pay for a subscription, but it is not necessary. As it is a free plan, we do not have any priority to generate images so, if the servers are very busy, we will have to wait a little longer to obtain the image we are looking for. You can start use it here.

Alternatives to Paid Midjourney

If we want to create spectacular photorealistic images, but don’t want to go through the hoops of the popular Midjourney, we show you some of the best options below.


As we mentioned above, DALL-E is OpenAI’s AI platform for generating images, an AI that with the launch of version 3, has become the best paid alternative to Midjourney. As with Midjourney, each prompt returns 4 results, among which we have to choose which one we like the most to work on that image and apply changes.


If we take into account OpenAI’s AI to generate images, DALL-E 3 is the same one used by the Bing image generator, which we talked about above, paying to use DALL-E does not make sense if we can do it completely free.

You can enter it here.

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is Adobe’s AI that is integrated into Photoshop as well as other tools from this software developer. Adobe’s AI integration into Photoshop allows users to replace any object in an image with any other.

Adobe Firefly in Photoshop

In addition, it also allows you to fill in areas of the image that do not exist based on the general tone of the image. Unlike Midjourney or DALL-E where we can buy credits to generate images, to use Adobe’s FireFly it is necessary to pay a monthly subscription, making its use more expensive, although we do not have any limitations when it comes to creating images.

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