Careful! If you don’t update your phone, they are going to use this new threat to block it

Careful!  If you don’t update your phone, they are going to use this new threat to block it

We have devices without updating, it can be an important advantage for hackers. We are going to talk to you about a problem that can occur on your Android mobile if you do not have it properly updated. They could block the operation of the device and seriously compromise your security and privacy. We are going to give you a series of recommendations so that you can defend yourself not only from this problem, but also from any other similar one.

This is Ratel RAT, a malware that has the ability to attack obsolete Android mobile devices. A group of researchers has detected more than 120 campaigns that use this malicious software. They can attack users of all types, as well as from very different countries. It affects very varied brands, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Google Pixel, Huawei…

Campaign against unupdated Android phones

But who exactly does it affect? It affects those who have Android 11 or earlier versions. In fact, 87.5% of all attacks that use this threat are devices with these characteristics. The remaining 12.5% ​​have Android 12 or 13. Therefore, it is key that you check what versions you have.

The way they attack is mainly through campaigns through well-known platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, e-commerce or even antivirus. The strategy consists of tricking the victim into downloading an APK file and, in this way, infecting the device.

Logically, that APK file, which is supposedly a legitimate program, is nothing more than malicious software. It will request certain permissions and be able to run in the background. From there, the attacker will have the ability to carry out different tasks and compromise the device.

For example, an attacker could exploit it for ransomware. Basically, what they do is encrypt the files, so that the victim cannot open them and later ask for a financial ransom. They can also use it to delete content, lock the mobile screen and make it completely unusable, filter SMS and 2FA codes or track the location.

This discovery was made by security researchers from Check Point. Although we are dealing with something specific, the truth is that hackers can take advantage of existing vulnerabilities, whether in Android or in any application you use, and thus steal data or control the equipment.

Problems with obsolete Android phones

Protect yourself

To protect yourself from this threat, the first thing you should do is avoid downloading and installing APK applications. That is, any program that does not come from official application stores, such as Google Play. This is a danger, since they could be sneaking in malicious software that has been modified to steal your data. Be careful with programs to increase Internet speed on your mobile, as many are a trap.

It is also essential that you update Android or the operating system you use. Make sure you have the latest version available, as this will help you correct vulnerabilities and prevent cybercriminals from taking advantage of flaws to encrypt your files, execute commands, steal passwords…

On the other hand, having a good antivirus can be interesting. There are many options, although we always recommend that you carefully review which one you are going to install. Only in this way will you ensure that you avoid having a program that does not work correctly and that they can even use to scam you.

In short, be careful if you have a mobile phone with Android. It is essential that you have it correctly updated and do not make mistakes when installing programs. Only then will you prevent hackers from taking control.

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