Forget Control + V, Microsoft PowerToys are going to paste text with Artificial Intelligence


Something we have been talking about for some time is Microsoft’s intention to bring Artificial Intelligence to a large part of its services and programs. Apparently, not even PowerToys are going to be spared from this, as we will tell you now.

Most of you already know firsthand that here we are referring to a series of tools developed by Microsoft itself. They integrate perfectly into your Windows system to add new functions and improve some of the default ones. These tools were originally released in Windows 95 as an alternative to perform certain advanced tasks much more easily. Microsoft decided to discontinue them a few years later until, finally, they created the PowerToys that we all know right now.

Obviously, they are completely free tools that we can download from their official page on the GitHub platform at through this link. We also have them available in the Microsoft Store, the Windows application store, to download and install them more quickly. This is one of the many products the software giant has in the works. In parallel, it is also working to implement AI capabilities to a good part of its services and platforms.

We tell you all this because it seems that the company is preparing a function related to Artificial Intelligence for the aforementioned PowerToys. At the moment, not many details are known about what the real usefulness of this new tool that will be integrated into the suite will be. What we do know is that it will be called Advanced Paste with Local AI, and it will be powered by Artificial Intelligence, as is easy to imagine. All this to complement the rest of the intelligent experiences that are being integrated into Windows little by little.

It is important to know that Microsoft will hold its developer conference next May of this year. As it could not be otherwise, it will be full of announcements related to AI. And it seems that PowerToys will not be without intelligent features of this type. In fact, the firm itself has already revealed that it is working on the new tool for this suite called Advanced Paste with Local AI, as we told you.

PowerToys will have its AI tool

As we told you before, at the moment not much information has been made public about the exact function of this tool. At the moment, the company states that Advanced Paste with Local AI will leverage Artificial Intelligence through the use of AI-backed APIs. All this in order to enhance the new functionality.

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@_h0x0d_ PowerToys will introduce a new feature at Build. @craigaloewen and @metulev will be chatting about what it does and the thought process behind it

It is pretty neat and I would love the community feedback on it. 😊

April 12, 2024 • 11:54



In parallel, one of the main developers on the Windows team also confirmed that PowerToys is about to receive the benefits of AI. Of course, as it could not be otherwise, Microsoft itself defines the function that is to come as great. At first we can deduce based on the nomenclature of the tool that it is an intelligent content pasting method for Windows, but we cannot confirm or detail it yet.

What there is no doubt is that this new smart functionality will be very welcome for all those regular users of the PowerToys suite of tools for Windows. But this will not be the only movement that the company will soon carry out in this regard. In the conference that we mentioned, the company will show us more details about other features of the next generation of Windows related to Artificial Intelligence.

For example, we found a report that relates the use of this intelligent technology in PCs based on ARM processors. It will be held between May 21 and 23. This is where we will learn more details about the new AI function for PowerToys.

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