Reasons why I have decided to start paying for Google One


Some of today’s large technology companies offer us various remote storage services, for one purpose or another. An example is found in the search giant, Google, something that many of us take advantage of every day.

Along these same lines I am going to focus on one of its most popular and long-used platforms, Google One. In case you don’t know, basically here we find a platform that brings together several of the services that this technology company offers us. And Google One is actually a storage service that we basically use for all the company’s products.

This means that if we have an account here, in this service that I am telling you about, we save data from Gmail, Drive, Photos and more. We must keep in mind that to use this platform we will not have to register, since the data from the mentioned services is passed here directly. Obviously all this is carried out in a synchronized and transparent manner by Google itself.

To be able to take a look at our personal account service from the browser, we only have to access this link that we show you. Also at this point it is important to know that by default the firm offers us a total of 15 gigabytes of space for our account. All of this for free, although we will always have the opportunity to increase this amount, but by paying.

In fact, in these same lines I will tell you some of the reasons why I decided to start paying to have more space on Google One. If you make this same determination, you can get a space of 100 gigabytes for 1.99 euros per month, or 200 GB for 2.99 euros per month. We can also choose to have 2 tera for a price of 9.99 euros.

Why am I paying for Google One?

After many years using the search giant’s account and corresponding services, my storage space ran out. These are some of the reasons why I decided to increase it, although paying outside of that increase.

google one spaceShare account and storage space. One of the advantages that paying for Google One offered me is being able to share the account and this storage space with up to 5 other people. In this way, all those gigabytes available remotely can be used by several users simultaneously, I can even share the expenses due to the increase in the price of the service.

Advanced features of Google Photos. Perhaps many of you use Google Photos to save your personal images and thus free up space on your PC or mobile. Well, it is also important to know that if you pay for Google One, on this platform you will find new editing functions that allow you to make changes to those images directly and without having to use external programs.

You will have a VPN. Additionally, paying for this storage service, Google provides us with access to its own VPN to browse with greater privacy. And not only that, since we will also have the possibility of using this service on several of our devices if they use the same company account.

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