The most anticipated Disney+ premieres for July

The most anticipated Disney+ premieres for July

As is customary, Disney+ announces the list of the upcoming content that will land on its platform throughout the month. The streaming service now lets us see which series, movies… will be released throughout the month of July. So it is time to know what new titles will arrive in your catalog.

If you are a Disney+ subscriber, you are probably eager to know what’s new about the streaming platform. Like every month, this service offers a list of the most notable titles that will be arriving in its catalog. From more seasons of your favorite titles to new series and movies.

More seasons of your favorite series

Among the news for the Disney streaming service for the month of July, the arrival of more seasons of some of the most followed series on the platform stands out above all. So it’s time to find out what the next deliveries are for its catalog full of content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and Star.

The premieres begin on July 3, with the arrival of season 2 of ‘Almost Dead’. Although the main course will not arrive until the second half of July with several premieres in a row. Starting on July 17 with the arrival of season two of ‘Monsters at Work’. This time, up to 10 episodes land at a time. In addition, that same day you can also start enjoying season 5 of ‘What We Do in the Shadows’.

And just one day later, it will be time to see up to two episodes that end the seasons of two well-known series. Starting with the season finale episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. This marks the end of the twentieth season of this title, which tells the stories of the doctors who work at Gray Sloan Memorial. And, on the other hand, you can also enjoy the last episode of ‘EstaciĆ³n 19’, which ends its seventh and final season.

Grey's Anatomy series

Best of all, they are not the only new seasons that will premiere in July. For example, season 3 of ‘The Manager’ arrives on July 19. On this occasion, Eliseo has a revelation during the inter-American Convention of Managers in Brazil: he will decide to found his own company of managers. And for fans of ‘Futurama’, you can enjoy season 12 of this animated series from July 29.

New movies and series

In addition to announcing the different seasons and latest episodes of some of its best-known series, Disney+ has everything ready for the premiere of new titles on its platform. For example, on July 3 there are two new items for the little ones in the home: ‘Bluey Cortos’ and ‘Ariel’. In the first case, it is a collection of short films with a duration of three minutes, while the other series is a title with the musical adventures of Ariel.

On July 10, the series ‘Under the bridge: the murder of Reena Virk’ premieres exclusively on Disney+. A title that is based on the novel by the well-known author Rebecca Goffrey. You will be able to enjoy a true story about what happened to Reena Virk, 14, after going to a party with friends and never returning to her home.

Finally, on July 12 comes ‘The Descendants: Rebel Heart’. On this occasion, the former villain Kid Uma, principal of Auradon Prep, decides to invite another villain to school, none other than Red, the rebellious daughter of the Queen of Hearts from Wonderland.

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