The unknown MásMóvil service that allows you to park your line and pay only 1 euro per month


Keeping our phone number is key if we do not want our contacts to be left without the possibility of contacting us. If you are a MásMóvil customer and you are not going to use your line for a while, they have a relatively cheap service to leave it on stand-by and recover it when you are going to use it actively. Its name is parking service and it allows you to park your line for up to 6 months for a price of one euro per month.

Losing our phone number is one of the reasons why we usually use portability to change operators. However, what happens if we only want to take a break due to force majeure such as illness, hospitalization or a temporary transfer abroad? In these cases, it is key to keep our phone number without having to pay the full rate and this is precisely what one of the most unknown MásMóvil services for its customers consists of, although it has been operating since at least 2016.

MásMóvil parking service

The service to suspend the MásMóvil line is called the parking service, so called because essentially our line remains parked for a number of months. It would be like leaving our car parked, nobody can use it and it remains available for use when you return (although a vehicle would probably remove it earlier due to abandonment).

The fact is that thanks to this service from the yellow operator directed by Meinrad Spenger, what we get is to keep our phone number without having to pay the corresponding monthly bill. This service can be activated for up to 6 consecutive months, although of course we can reactivate our line whenever we want.

As the operator’s help page explains, this service costs just 1 euro per month (VAT included). The parking service is available for all the modalities that MásMóvil has, so you will not have any problem regardless of the rate you have contracted. Activating it is really simple, and it is that we can do it in a very simple way from home.

How to activate this service and park your number

To do this, we only have to contact MásMóvil customer service, for which you have to call the number 2373 and request it. Before doing so, there are a couple of important considerations that you should not lose sight of. The first, and perhaps the most obvious, is that when we activate this parking service, the line will be in limbo, that is, we will not be able to make or receive calls, SMS or use the data associated with our rate. For all intents and purposes, that phone line will be totally deactivated.


Last but not least, it is time to talk about the rate that we have contracted. If we decide to deactivate our line with this parking service, we must know that MásMóvil does not guarantee that when we return we can maintain it. If this rate disappears during this time, when we deactivate the parking service we must switch to one of those that is available at that time.

The same would happen with any discount or benefit that we had. Upon returning, the price could have increased, the discount is no longer active or any other circumstance. In essence, this reconnection is like a new registration, only with your usual number.

Reactivating our line does not have much of a mystery, since for this we only have to contact the same telephone number again. If you have any questions about this parking service, you can consult more about its conditions in the MásMóvil help page.


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