This is the Spanish virus that has put Google on alert

This is the Spanish virus that has put Google on alert

If we talk about threats on the Internet, we can say that there are infinity and of all possible types. Some are designed to steal personal data, others passwords, while there are also viruses that make your device malfunction. In this case, we echo a security threat made in Spain and that has alerted Google. They have shown what exactly it is about. We will also talk about how to avoid this type of malware.

Google detects a Spanish spyware

It is specifically a spyware. From Google they have detected this threat created in Spain. The goal of this type of malware is to spy. They can collect personal data, see everything you do on the Internet, what programs you install, steal passwords… It is something that can affect both mobile phones and computers.

This time, the threat has caused problems on Android devices and also on the Google Chrome browser. It is called Variston and it began to generate problems at the end of 2022. Now, from the Threat Analysis Group they have presented a report on this discovery.

Something that must be highlighted is that, despite being a spyware created in Spain, it seems that it has affected other countries and mainly the United Arab Emirates. This does not mean that it could not or may not affect Spanish citizens, so certain precautions should be taken not only for this threat, but for any other similar one.

The threat follows a strategy widely used lately by hackers. Basically what happens is that the victim receives a message alerting them that an order that they are waiting for has been lost. As it is so common today to buy online and wait for a package, this can cause the victim to click on that link. From there, what happens is that you download the Variston spyware. There are different types of spyware.

Keylogger and Spyware, frequent threats on mobile phones

How to avoid this malware and others like it

What can we do to avoid this Spanish-made spyware and any other similar one? The most important thing, as you might suspect, is not to click on strange links that come your way. Even if you are waiting for a package, always be wary of any link you receive. If in doubt, contact the delivery company directly. Common sense is essential.

It is also important to have good security programs. Whether you use your mobile to navigate or do it from your PC, having an antivirus is key. This will help you detect malicious software that can put your security at risk. In case you download something by mistake, it could detect it and thus delete it immediately.

In addition, it is essential to have the device updated. Always install the latest versions of the operating system, as well as any programs you have. This will help you fix vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit. It will also make the device itself work better.

In short, as you can see, there is a Spanish-made spyware that has put Google’s security managers on alert. It is one of the many similar threats that we can find. It is essential that you take steps to protect your device and not fall for it.

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