What is it and how to use Trello? What is the Trello App for?

What is it and how to use Trello?  What is the Trello App for?

Do you lead a very busy life? Do you have too many tasks to perform and do not know where to start? You can avoid stressing about your overwhelming amount of tasks with the Trello app. If you want to know more about this innovative and practical app, stay with us and let’s analyze the topic together: What is it and how to use Trello? What is the Trello App for?

What is it and how to use Trello?

Trello is an application for project management and the organization of all kinds of tasks that you have to perform, in order to optimize and speed up the process of carrying them out. Trello uses a method in which the tasks to be carried out are grouped on virtual boards made up of the task lists in the form of columns.

What this type of method seeks is to organize, optimize and carry out the tasks working in a group, with the possibility of sharing any type of information, notices, priorities among the members of the team that will carry out the tasks.

To use Trello either from the app or the desktop version, the first thing to do is register by simply adding your email. Then you choose a password for your Trello account and confirm the password. Or you can sign in with your Google, Microsoft or Apple account, for a more direct sign-up.

Then you can start working and create your projects to be carried out with different themes and it allows you to work with different teams for each project according to their content or theme.

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When you start in Trello, the first thing is to name the board with something related to the project that you will start or the task that you need to do and it will be like making a daily agenda. Then you need to create a structure of lists, and these lists are a collection of cards that can consist of a phrase of the project, a group of tasks or a set of ideas that come up.

In Trello you are presented with three lists that are the most common and used: “Things to do”, “In progress” and “Done”, although you can name them according to your needs. Then you can use the cards to keep everything organized and save yourself a headache. For example, if you have a list called “Things to do”, some examples of cards could be: “Find a hotel”, “book flights”, among others.

Also, by clicking on each card you can add more useful details such as attaching files, writing comments, among others. And finally, you can always drag the cards in the list to change their position, order them or change the list.

What is the Trello App for?

As you may have already noticed, the Trello app can be useful in various fields of your daily life, such as at work. Since if you work in a company where teamwork is carried out, this app is ideal for dividing up the work and knowing what to do and who will do a certain task. All thanks to its design based on the Japanese Kanban method, where organization and teamwork are the key.

On the other hand, if you are a very busy person, who balances different tasks such as university or school, where you have to write without distractions, work and homework, Trello can help you avoid a chaotic life.

You will only have to empty all your tasks in the Trello lists, add cards and relevant comments and you will have everything organized. In such a way that you carry out tasks in order of priority and do not stress or waste time, but rather optimize the tasks that you carry out on a daily basis.

You can download the Trello app from the Android Play Store or from the iOS App Store, so that regardless of the device you have, you can download it and use it right away. If you want to know what other devices and browsers you can use Trello on, you can visit their help site.

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Now you have a basic understanding of Trello and how useful it can be and how effective it could be in your day-to-day life. If you are a very busy person you will be able to reduce stress thanks to Trello and its system that will bring order to the tasks you carry out in your daily life.

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