4 tricks to make OneDrive essential when using Windows

4 tricks to make OneDrive essential when using Windows

For a growing number of users, cloud storage services are becoming key elements when using their PC. A multitude of technology companies offer us their own platforms, where Microsoft could not be less by making the OneDrive service available to us.

This is an application in the form of a client that by default is already installed in the operating system itself. Thus, when installing Windows from scratch, we will find OneDrive ready to use if we want it. It must be taken into consideration that Microsoft offers us a good amount of space available for free just by creating a company account, initially 5 gigabytes.

But we have several methods to increase that space in the cloud, for example if we contract the Microsoft 365 subscription model. In addition, we must bear in mind that here we can use the official clients that the software giant offers us, or use its version Web. We will have enough space to store our files and folders remotely and thus save local space on our hard drives.

Hence, below we are going to talk about a series of tricks that you can use in OneDrive to get the most out of it.

OneDrive features to take advantage of remote storage

First of all, we must take into consideration that this is a cloud storage platform that integrates perfectly into Windows. We can even use the application for mobile devices and thus synchronize all our content and have access to it from anywhere and anytime.

Share any file or folder. One of the coolest features of most cloud storage services, including OneDrive, is being able to share files with other users. Thus, by simply clicking the right mouse button on said content, we give access to any email account so that it can open and edit that content.

share onedriveCreate photo albums. In this personal space in the Microsoft cloud we can directly store our photos from different devices. In addition, this storage service allows us to create personalized albums in order to manage this multimedia content much better. Surely all of this will be extremely useful if we have huge libraries made up of hundreds or thousands of photos. This extends to both desktop and mobile devices.

personal albumsUse the Personal Store. This is a space that requires additional authentication so that we can store our most private or sensitive content here. In order to access it we will have to verify a security code that we receive in the email associated with our OneDrive account. We must keep in mind that it is limited, so we should not abuse this safer space.

onedrive personal storageAutomate Windows backup. It is very likely that many of you already know that Windows by default has its own backup function. This allows us to make automatic backup copies of those folders and content that we want to be stored on our computer. A very interesting option is to automate this process so that it is saved in our OneDrive account and thus keep all that data safe in case something happens on our computer.

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