Movistar Plus+ can be seen for free outside of Spain in a total of 29 countries

Movistar Plus+ can be seen for free outside of Spain in a total of 29 countries

The streaming service offered by Movistar Plus+ to access all types of channels and content is sweeping due to the excellent quality-price ratio it offers. What you may not know is that you can also use it when you leave Spain while you are on vacation. Did you know that there is support for a total of 29 countries where it is possible to access the platform?

The Movistar Plus+ proposal has been with us for a while, but it can still be said that it is one of the youngest platforms in the sector. The interesting thing, beyond being able to contract the service independently of the operator that provides you with the connection, is that it offers much more than it seems. Even today there are some of its features that are unknown. Its international availability is one of them.

International coverage

If you go outside of Spain on vacation, an option that you can use if you are a Movistar Plus+ customer is to cancel the service and then contract it again when you return. Since there is no permanence, you have complete flexibility to do so. The thing is that maybe you’re not going to go away for a whole month (who could!) or it’s possible that unsubscribing and then signing up again may not interest you. It is one of those processes that, in any case, is sometimes lazy.

Main image when entering the web version of Movistar Plus

At the same time, there may be some Movistar Plus+ content that you want to watch while you’re abroad. Think that accessing Spanish television programs in other countries is not exactly convenient. In the past, when we traveled to France, Germany or Italy, among other places, we got into the habit of watching their channels for a few days. It was curious, but not exactly optimal. Therefore, the best thing to do is to maintain the subscription, take the identifier configured on the mobile or laptop, and continue watching Movistar Plus+ without problems. You could even set up access on your hotel TV or use the web version if you couldn’t access the app.

In which countries is it available?

We would love to see Movistar Plus+ continue to increase the list of countries where the service is available in the future. It would be an ideal way for it to become the ideal streaming platform for those who are used to traveling outside of Spain. For now, yes, it can already be viewed in a total of 29 countries, which is not bad at all.

The list of countries is as follows: Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Austria, Norway, Estonia, Sweden, Belgium, Iceland, Netherlands, Denmark, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Lithuania, Slovenia, Cyprus, Latvia, Bulgaria, Liechtenstein, Greece, Slovakia, Malta, Hungary and Finland. Is the nation you are going to visit on your next summer vacation on the list? As you can see, this is a wide selection of destinations, so the chances of enjoying Movistar Plus+ on your trip are really high.

Channels available in the Movistar Plus+ service

To take advantage of the use of Movistar Plus+ in another country you do not have to face any type of additional charge. The price is the same regardless of where you are when you go to play the content. This is one of the characteristics that make the streaming service so outstanding, which also stands out for offering a great combination of channels, on-demand content and sports. If we talk about channels, the selection offered by the platform is more than 80 different ones, to which we must add the other content to which we have access.

The most useful functions are also offered, such as recording, scheduling, downloading content or accessing recordings from the last seven days. All of this helps you have the best of Movistar Plus+ without having to be a client of the Telefónica operator.

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