Another Google One function disappears sooner than expected and surprises many

Another Google One function disappears sooner than expected and surprises many

At this point we don’t need to tell you that Google offers us a huge number of products in the form of programs and platforms, which are extremely useful. But although it may seem like a lie, the company also accumulates a good number of failures.

Here we find products for both desktop computers and mobile devices, most of them working in the cloud. Hence precisely why the storage space available in our Google account, as soon as we open it, is increasingly important. We get a few gigabytes for free, a total of 15, but over time some users need more space on these remote servers.

That is precisely where Google One comes into play, a platform from the company that initially focused on providing us with that additional space. Obviously all this after paying the corresponding subscription. But over time this platform added some new and extremely useful services. Even so, it seems that over time the vast majority of them have not had the acceptance initially expected.

A few months ago we already mentioned the disappearance of one of the last services available here, specifically we are referring to the one called VPN by Google One. The search giant has already announced the disappearance of this platform focused on privacy in the navigation. Everything indicated that Google would abandon this project at the end of this year, 2024. However, it seems that this has been brought forward.

We say all this because right now we can confirm that the Google One VPN has finally disappeared. The company has gotten rid of this platform earlier than expected, which has surprised its users.

Why Google removes its VPN service

It is very possible that many of you already know first-hand that these types of services maintain our privacy and anonymity when browsing. Hence, a technology company like Google, at the time launched its own platform with these characteristics. However, and given what has been seen, the privacy service has not had the expected success after its incorporation into Google One.

Hence, it has finally made the decision to eliminate it from its available platforms. The main reason for all this, the company itself announces, is because of the little use and acceptance it had. While those who used it expected its disappearance at the end of this year, 2024, the company has brought forward its definitive closure. Basically, this means that after this decision, the Google One platform can now be used to increase remote storage space, and little else.

google one storage

We assume that withdrawal is also added to the recent controversy that appeared and that we already mentioned at the time related to this VPN. And some users discovered that it automatically changed the DNS of our computer without permission.

At the time this is something that Google itself confirmed. However, it claimed that all this was carried out in order to improve privacy and security when browsing, something that almost no one liked.

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