Vodafone TV renews 3 more years with Filmin to provide the best quality cinema to its customers

Vodafone TV renews 3 more years with Filmin to provide the best quality cinema to its customers

With more than 10,000 movies in its catalog and nearly 500 series, Filmin is one of the leading streaming platforms in our country. And, now, Vodafone TV has just announced the renewal of the agreement that allows it to continue offering it in its service catalog for three more years at the best price.

Vodafone TV continues to take steps forward to maintain its position as one of the most important film and series aggregators in our country. From the year 2017, the red operator maintains an agreement with Filmin which allows you to distribute your content directly from your platform through the pack More Cinema for a price of €5 per month. Now, the company has announced the renewal of the agreement that allows it to maintain the same service for three more years.

Reference platform in our country

At the time of writing these lines, Filmin brings together more than 100,000 movies and about 500 series. Most of them have become a success in their countries of origin. The Culture Observatory chose it as the Best Cultural Offer of our country and organizations such as the OCU have reported that it is the streaming platform best valued by all users, a good demonstration of its commitment to offering the best possible experience to them. An aspect that also stands out if we take into account the great competition that this sector currently has, with an incessant number of options that continue to incorporate increasingly complete catalogs.

With the ratification of the extension of this agreement, the Vodafone TV customers They will be able to continue enjoying all kinds of top-level titles, such as Anatomy of a Fall, winner of the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay this year, the multi-award-winning Heavy Lives or the winner of the Goya for best documentary As long as it’s youamong many others.

And Filmin not only has agreements with the majority of independent distributors of cinematographic content. In addition, it also brings together important agreements with the main Hollywood studios. A sum of factors with which it is able to offer all its subscribers one of the most complete and highest quality catalogs that we can currently find on the market.

Five euros a month

As we have previously anticipated, the operator clients They can benefit from this agreement by contracting the More Cinema pack from Vodafone TV for five euros per month. It should be taken into account that the cost of Filmin subscription It is 9.99 euros per month or 84 euros per year if we hire it directly from their website. Therefore, the red operator’s offer is much more attractive than the price we can find independently.

Jesus Rodriguez, director of Vodafone TV, highlights that “lThe renewal of our agreement with Filmin highlights our commitment to offering our clients the most complete and highest quality television experience on the market (…) at the best price” While for Jose Antonio De Lunaco-founder and COO of Filmin “Vodafone has been a fundamental support in the development and growth of Filmin. The renewal of our agreement will allow us to explore new ways of collaborating to facilitate access to Filmin, under advantageous conditions, to Vodafone customers.”.

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