Another MasOrange operator will offer the Olympic Games for free to its clients

Another MasOrange operator will offer the Olympic Games for free to its clients

This Friday, the Opening Ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will be held, one of the most anticipated sporting events for sports lovers. Although, the most important thing of all is that another of the MasOrange operators joins the list of companies that will broadcast this sporting event in its entirety.

This year not only the Euro Cup or Copa America will be played, but the Paris Olympic Games will also be held from July 26 to August 11 in the capital of France. And the good thing is that clients who have contracted Agile TV with Guuk will be able to fully enjoy each of the Olympic competitions without paying more for their rates.

Clients with Agile TV

Not only will Orange, Yoigo, Jazztel and MásMóvil customers be lucky enough to watch the Olympic Games in full this summer, Guuk users who have contracted a rate with TV will also enjoy the Olympics in full.

Until August 11, Guuk customers with the Agile TV service will have the opportunity to watch the entire Olympic competitions through Eurosport channels. And the best of all is that they will not have to pay an additional supplement: “at no additional cost to your usual rate.” So users of this operator will be able to follow this sporting event in full for free, as long as they have contracted a rate with the Agile TV television service.

Olympic Games icon

During the Olympics, customers of this MasOrange operator can enjoy “up to 32 sports, with more than 10,000 athletes from more than 200 nations who will participate in 306 medal events. And all of them will be available during the more than two weeks that the Olympic Games are held. OO., for customers with television service.” In addition, Eurosport will be in charge of carrying out extensive coverage of the Olympic event through its different channels:

  • Eurosport 1: athletics, swimming, gymnastics and cycling.
  • Eurosport 2: new sports.
  • They will launch seven more channels to cover content of more than 800 hours of various disciplines: tennis, golf, artistic gymnastics, soccer, basketball, wrestling sports, handball or volleyball.

Agile TV customers will also be able to choose from nine simultaneous events at no additional cost. In this way they will have the opportunity to live a more complete experience of the Olympic event that is held in the city of Paris during 2024.

What rate does Guuk have?

Unlike what happens in Yoigo or MásMóvil, which are operators with more than one Agile TV rate, Guuk users only have a single plan for this television service available. It has a price of 6 euros per month that is added to the monthly bill. So, if you don’t have this plan yet, you can add it for this price. Keep in mind that with this pack, customers of the MasOrange operator can have access to more than 80 television channels. And they also have another series of advantages, such as 4K deco with Android TV. In addition, it has no permanence, so you can unsubscribe at any time.

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