How to convert the Movistar Plus+ remote into a universal remote?

How to convert the Movistar Plus+ remote into a universal remote?

If you are a Movistar user and have purchased the Movistar Plus+ fiber package with television, you are in luck, because your remote retains a function that you probably did not know about and that is more practical than you think. Thus, you can transform the official Movistar remote into a universal remote to control the functions of your Smart TV, in such a way that you will no longer have to use your conventional remote to adjust each of the television’s parameters.

There are times when teleoperators offer us some of their own devices, but we do not get the maximum potential out of them. In this case, Movistar includes in the latest version of its Movistar Plus+ voice remote control an option that we can configure from the company’s UHD decoder in the blink of an eye to turn it into a universal remote control, capable of controlling certain electronic devices. your home, such as the television, home cinema speaker system or sound bar.

If you are in doubt and do not know for sure how to make the Movistar Plus+ remote control your main control center for all your entertainment, you must follow a series of simple steps that we detail below.

What can be controlled with the Movistar Plus+ voice command?

Before continuing with the explanation, we must point out what type of functions are compatible with the Movistar Plus+ voice command to take control of our Smart TV.

It is clear that the Spanish company has not created a universal remote control that is used to control each of the television settings, but rather some functions that remain just as essential to detach ourselves from the original control of our television. In this case, we can raise and lower the volume of the television, your 5.1 speaker system or the sound bar, as well as turn the television on or off at any time.

At the moment, no more functions have been introduced, so you will not be able to change channels in the DTT mode of your television, nor access its settings using the Movistar Plus+ remote control. As we have said, it is not a special universal remote control for any television or a specific brand, but its tasks are more limited.

Movistar Plus+ remote control convert to universal

Activate the Movistar Plus+ remote control to control the Smart TV

The activation process will only take a few seconds. You will only need the UHD decoder that the company provides when contracting a fiber and television package, and the Movistar Plus+ voice command itself.

To synchronize the Movistar remote, you must enter the settings within the deco and select Universal remote. Once inside, you must have the remote configured for the television model. In this case, we have configured it for a Samsung television. Then, in the TV On/Off section, select HDMI – CEC or, failing that, Infrared.

If you do not have your Movistar Plus+ voice control linked, you must press the Aura button for a few seconds for the Bluetooth mode to start and the process to synchronize the control with the decoder will begin.

Finally, in Universal Remote Use change the option to On.

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