Digi sweeps portability: record number of clients won over other companies


While yesterday we talked about the complicated situation of the three major operators in our country, today it is time to review the news of what is now the fifth. We talked, how could it be otherwise, about Digi. The Romanian operator has just communicated the portability figures for the month of March in which it has registered a new record. Month after month, the company that aspires to fourth place after the merger of Orange and MásMóvil, presents numbers that are scary and that we will review in the following article.

We shelve the month of March 2023 and it is time, as always, to take stock of the state of the telecommunications market. As usual, only those who register large figures are the ones who make them public, while for the rest we have to wait for the official numbers to be published by the CNMC. Be that as it may, today we have access to the portability registered by Digi throughout this month that is ending.

More than 95,200 net telephone lines in March

Digi confirms that it has registered its best historical portability data this March. If someone thought that they had reached a ceiling, the truth is that this is not the case, and they will continue to fight in subsequent months. Specifically, this month they have managed to attract 124,600 lines. This, compared to the same month of the previous year, represents an increase of 31%.

DIGI own fiber

If we add the first quarter of the year, which also ends today, the figure rises to a total of 289,700 portability. Once again, we are facing the best historical quarter for the Romanian company in our country. If we talk about net figures, that is, the lines it captures minus the lines it loses to the competition, the figure exceeds 95,200 lines. This is an increase of more than 36% from a year ago.

Speaking by segments, more than 76,700 are mobile telephone lines. With all this, the company already presents very relevant total numbers with more than 3,796,000 mobile telephony clients, more than 843,000 fiber and more than 279,000 fixed telephony (although in this case they are higher because they are those published on end of 2022).

From Digi they explain that these results have benefited from the news announced in the first months of the year. Among them, we find the improvement of fiber and mobile products, the launch of Digi Storage with 50GB free and the possibility of having up to 1TB in the cloud or the launch of My DIGI, its new customer area.

However, my personal opinion is that one of the products that has helped these figures the most is the new Fibra SMART with 500 Mb for 15 euros per month. The operator has broken the market with this option at this price that is brutally far from the competition and that is currently unrivaled. In addition to being more than enough speed for the vast majority of homes, this is a price never seen for a rate.


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