Google One eliminates one of its star services, will the price drop?


The number of services and products that the search giant, Google, offers us is increasing. A few years ago, the company added a new function as part of its Google One cloud storage platform. We are referring to a virtual private network or VPN service that was widely accepted, at least initially.

The company called this platform focused on providing us with extra privacy, VPN by Google One. As you can imagine, this was included in order to offer users a simple way to encrypt their Internet data while browsing. It must be taken into consideration that we are referring to a service available to subscribers who paid for the aforementioned Google One plan.

This included up to 2 terabytes of cloud storage and other platforms focused on both the end user and the enterprise. In fact, a controversy recently arose when they discovered that this VPN from the search giant automatically changed our computer’s DNS without permission. Google justified itself by saying that this change was carried out to further increase privacy and security when browsing on our PC.

However, this did not convince almost anyone. Even more so if we take into consideration that the DNS change remained even when the aforementioned VPN was deactivated. But we are talking to you about this service right now, since apparently it will soon no longer be available for this type of use. We tell you all this because Google One subscribers have recently received an email informing them of all this.

When will Google One VPN disappear

This is something that has taken most of the subscribers of the aforementioned platform by surprise. Specifically, we mean that the Google One VPN will stop working at some point at the end of this year, 2024. Of course, at the moment the company has not provided an exact date of this disappearance.

Furthermore, this email did not provide a specific reason for why the VPN function was closed. However, various leaked statements suggest that at this time this virtual private network provided by the search giant was not very successful. In short, almost no one used the Google One VPN.

vpn google one

In these same leaks, the company points out that in this way it will be able to focus on other more used and accepted functions of the subscription model. In any case, those who have Google Pixel 7 phones and later can continue to use their VPN service for free for now. It could even be the case that until its disappearance, at the end of the year, the service as such will experience some price drop.

Therefore, those who are used to using this privacy-focused service will have to look for another alternative. We must take into consideration that we can find multiple services with these characteristics, both free and paid. It is enough to find the proposal that best suits our needs, both functional and pocket-friendly. There are even browsers that already include their own integrated VPN.

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