If your iPhone alarm fails, you’re not the only one


Few people still use a watch as an alarm clock. Most users prefer to use smartphone alarms to get up every morning or to remember to take medication. However, this function is failing on some iPhones, causing some people to arrive late to class or not attend a work meeting on time.

Several iPhone owners have reported problems with alarms on social media. According to Internet alerts, the alarm clock function on their cell phones does not ring or rings very quietly and they cannot hear it. From TikTok, @reid.manning1 talked about it and several followers mentioned that their phones had also failed. Luckily, the error has an apparent fairly simple solution.


Apple alarm clock not going off??

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Apple is aware of the error

Although the apple brand acknowledges that it knows that some iPhones are having problems with the alarm, it does not know what the reasons are. This problem is occurring apparently randomly, without users doing anything. Initially, two possible causes of the failure with the alarms on Apple smartphones are being considered:

  • The March time change. On the night of the last Saturday of the third month of the year, several countries advance their clocks one hour. Some users agree that the problem began to occur after that day, so it could be the cause.
  • A software bug. Other users allude that the error could be due to one of the latest updates to the iOS operating system.

This is not the first time that iPhone alarms do not sound or do so at a very low volume after an update. If you search Google for answers, you may have come up with old news from the end of last year. Apparently, several users complained about the same issue after the iOS 17 update.

Regardless of the reason for the error with clock alarms on iPhone, Apple has provided a temporary solution that seems to be effective. In fact, in @reid.manning1’s post, there are users who acknowledge having tried to solve the problem in this way and claim that it has worked for them.

iphone alarm failure

The solution to the iPhone alarm problem

If you have had problems with the alarms you set for your iPhone for weeks, you can solve it from the settings. From the application that allows you to configure different options of the mobile system, there is a section called “Sounds and vibrations”. When you click on this option, the smartphone shows different actions related to sound.

What is interesting in this case is the sound bar that appears just above the screen. Turn up the volume and set an alarm to make sure you can hear it now. If you still can’t hear, you may have to resort to third-party alarm apps temporarily, until Apple comes up with a definitive solution. Some of the top-rated options are Alarmy, Alarm Clock for Me, and Alarm Clock Reminders.

According to the American device manufacturer, the alarm should work even when the “Do not disturb” or “Focus” modes are activated. That has never been a problem for iPhones and, theoretically, it still isn’t a problem despite the latest updates to the iOS operating system.

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