Until when can I file the Income Tax return and what happens if I forget?


Immersed in the middle of the Income Tax campaign, it is advisable to remember certain deadlines that, if exceeded, could cause a financial penalty. Such as, for example, the last day on which we can file the return. We tell you.

Since last April 3, the taxpayers residing in our country are immersed in full Income campaign. Initially, the presentation of the draft could only be done via Internet, prior identification. However, with the month of May also came the possibility of submitting the declaration also by telephone. However, it will not be until next June 3 when we will be able to do the same, but, this time, in person.

Having reached the halfway point of the campaign, it is time to remember the deadline we must meet to present our information. After this day, we will be exposed to a fine whose sanction may vary based on different factors.

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July 1st deadline

Regardless of whether we use the via telematics, by phone or that we go to the offices in person, all taxpayers will have up to next July 1, 2024 to file the declaration. But is it advisable to wait until the last minute to make the presentation? Definitely not.

Especially if we are going to do the same through the internet. There could be many reasons in the form of unforeseen that prevent us from making the declaration. From when we have a technical failure that prevents us from being able to connect to the network or turn on the computer, until our car breaks down or we miss public transport to go to the offices in person if we have previously made an appointment.

But what about the statements that have result to enter through the modality of direct debit into account? In this case, the deadline is brought forward and the last day to submit the declaration is Wednesday, June 26. In the event that we do not want to pay by direct debit, we can wait a few more days, until we reach the aforementioned July 1.

Penalties for submitting late

What if we surpass the deadlines mentioned previously? In this case, the sanctions will depend on whether the result is payable or we had to receive money from the tax agency. In addition, also whether we have done it of our own free will or if we have waited for the Treasury to send us a statement.

Without requirement from the Treasury:

  • If the result of the declaration is to pay, the surcharge will be 1% of the debt. Each time, it will increase another 1%. And if we reach 12 months, the final penalty will be 15% plus the corresponding interest.
  • In the case of the declaration being returned, the maximum penalty will be 100 euros, which will be directly subtracted from the transfers that the tax organization would have to make to us.

With a request from the Treasury:

  • If the result is to pay, A sanctioning procedure will automatically be initiated. The violation will be between 50 and 150% of the total debt. The final amount will depend on whether prejudice has been caused to the Treasury or if there is a history of other tax violations, for example. In addition, we can also obtain reductions for compliance or prompt payment.
  • If the result is to be returned, the penalty that will be subtracted from the refund will reach a maximum of 200 euros.

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