WhatsApp not updating last connection time? So you can fix it


Are you one of those who is constantly seeing the last time your contacts connected? WhatsApp has the option to display the time your friend or family member last connected, whether to view a message, make a video call, or view a status. But there are certain occasions in which this data is not updated and may remain that way for several days or even weeks. These are the methods to solve it.

WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the world and therefore requires always being at the forefront of technology by launching updates that considerably improve its system. However, this is not always the case and the experience can be hindered by some bugs that cause the platform to not work properly.

In the event that you see that the last connection time is not updated, it has nothing to do with the user having stopped using WhatsApp or deleting the application, but rather it could be due to different technical reasons, which We break it down for you below.

Last time option is hidden

One of the main reasons why you cannot see your contact’s connection time is because they have activated the option so that no one has access to the time they last connected. The same happens with the Online option, which can be hidden from the WhatsApp settings so that no one knows that you are currently within the tool.

Read receipt is disabled

If you’ve turned off read receipt or any of your contacts have, the app won’t show the last time it appeared online. There, it will show what was last viewed when that feature was disabled.

Therefore, the solution is to activate the chat read confirmation. To do this, go to the settings in the three dots located at the top right of the screen and click on Privacy. Then check the green box under Read Receipts.

WhatsApp last connection time

WhatsApp servers are down

In certain situations, the problem may be with the application itself and the servers may have gone down at some point. Therefore, all you have to do is wait for it to be restored as soon as possible and be able to continue using all its functions.

One way to see the status of your servers is by consulting the website. downdetector and verify that the problem is widespread and not just you.

Using a modified version of WhatsApp

Currently, there is a fully rigged version of WhatsApp that you can use if your phone is rooted to get developer permissions. This modification, called WhatsApp Plus, allows you to set exclusive functions, such as customizing the last seen date, but we do not recommend its use as it can open the door to malware and other security flaws.

You will be able to know if the other person is using this type of application, if they have the possibility of replying to deleted messages or if they have customized their profile with special parameters. That is, if you find something unusual, you will meet someone who is using another version of WhatsApp.

Keep WhatsApp updated

One of the last points to keep in mind is that you must always have the WhatsApp application updated to the latest official version that has been launched in each of the application stores, whether in the App Store or the Google Play Store. If you are using an older version, you may experience a bug and just install the latest patch to fix it.

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